preview screen

  1. Travis_M_AOG

    OBS runs and records proper, but the preview isn't working!

    Hi, Been using OBS for a while now, and while it has always worked just fine prior, now since the latest update, it has been unable to work with the preview option properly... I've needed it to adjust the stream starting screen, let alone anything else to begin with, and as it stands now, it...
  2. D

    OBS Preview window is not showing consistent FPS though recording, other programs, and TV is fine at the same time

    First, the log file: I'm not streaming and am just looking to create local recordings to edit and post to YouTube. Now for the details: This is driving me nuts. I have a Live Gamer HD 2 card that can only do 1080p (I plan on upgrading at some...
  3. oneRaijin

    OBS 28.0.3 - preview window is way too small

    Hi, is there a way to resize the preview window such as being able to drag the edges to my preference to make the preview larger? It's so tiny for me
  4. J

    Choose a different key for closing the full screen and windowed previews

    Whenever you use the full screen and the windowed projector previews, if you hit the "ESC / ESCAPE" key, the preview will be closed. This is really a problem if you are capturing PowerPoint presentations, which use the same key to close them. So, if you accidentally click on the OBS preview and...
  5. piet999

    Webcams out of sight / outside window

    Hello I mounted 3 Webcams. 1 of them got an blue frame, red when activated to define position and size. The others just got an red dot when installed in the left upper corner of the preview window. I can't position ore resize them, cause the red dot disappears, when klicking it. It seems that...
  6. F

    Cropped preview screen only 1/4 of screen

    Hi all, I recently updated my Surface Pro 7 tablet to Windows 11 and after that I allowed an OBS upgrade to version 27.1.3. But since then the OBS preview screen is cropped to about 1/4 of the screen and doesn't show the whole image (shows only a corner of what the camera sees). If I record...