Cropped preview screen only 1/4 of screen


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Hi all,

I recently updated my Surface Pro 7 tablet to Windows 11 and after that I allowed an OBS upgrade to version 27.1.3. But since then the OBS preview screen is cropped to about 1/4 of the screen and doesn't show the whole image (shows only a corner of what the camera sees). If I record, the recorded video file does look as it should. Here is a screen capture of what I'm looking at:


I have no access to the drop down menus when this chopped preview is on. The preview window lays on top of the menus and I can't resize it or move it. I have to disable preview in order to see the menus. If I open Multi-view, it does show what the camera is seeing, but I can't toggle between scenes at all.

Here is the current log file

I appreciate your help.



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Well, the same thing with my pain. Dell vostro + NVIDIA GeForce MX250

there is no solution even change the main window (minimize - maximize - restore)