Webcams out of sight / outside window


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I mounted 3 Webcams. 1 of them got an blue frame, red when activated to define position and size.
The others just got an red dot when installed in the left upper corner of the preview window. I can't position ore resize them, cause the red dot disappears, when klicking it.

It seems that the other ones are outside the preview or colapsed to zero size.

How can I reset these sizes and positions of all video souces.?

Deleting and adding of webcams doesn't help.



If the red boundary box around a source is a little red square at the top left corner, then there is no video part to display (ie. mp3 file). So in case of your webcams it probably means that something is wrong installation wise, they are not just out of sight. For comparison add an Image source without selecting any image file and click OK.

Using usb webcams? It could be a matter of bandwith or power supply over usb. So make sure to devide them as much as possible over different internal usb root hubs. In my experience it also does matter where you plug them. So first attach one, get it to work and keep that to the same usb port all the time.


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Hello @WBE
Thanks for the hint. Two of them are working now. I have one on an USB 3 and one on USB C.

If they are on one usb-Port:
Number 1 working, number 2 nothing -> I can deactivate number 1, deactivate number 2 and activate 2 again, then number2 works.
I can bring them to life with deactivating all and activating one of them. The first I activate will function.

I thought that it might be a problem of the bandwidth so I put two of them on the usb-C hub. It won't work. But number 3 on the usb3 works.

I have to have more usb-ports. But how? A USB-hub, even with own power supply, doesn't work. And my surface 7 pro does not have more internal usb-Ports. I'm limited to two ports.

Is there a "thing" that offers usb-ports via Bluetooth for my third webcam?


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All three working now plus one internal of the microsoft surface itself. 4 Cams now active and working!!!

1 creative! webcam on usbc
1 creative! webcam and 1 logitech on usb3 via an usb3-hub with power supply, but I have to trick them.
The hub offers switches. The second creative! won't work until I switched it off and on again.
1 internal webcam (front or rear)