obs studio drops to 0kbps

  1. B

    Question / Help AMD hardware encoder says 'Live' but 0kbps

    Hi team, Never had this problem until installing a new Radeon 5600 XT two days ago in which I can't stream using GPU anymore. Intel i5 Radeon 5600 XT (previously Radeon R7 265 which didn't have this problem) 16gb ram Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit - Software x264 works fine and streams with the...
  2. S

    Question / Help Extremely low kbps

    After a few days of no loss streams I only get around 300 kbps per stream despite having only 1800 bitrate in obs. I lowered my fps to 30 and I still get lagging still frames when I stream. I did a twitch test and found in my area i get 10000+kbps and only 33ms but it's still slow. logfile...
  3. Theealexguy

    Question / Help Frame rate loss, red bar, game capture audio disconnecting and kbps drop....

    Hi everyone as I have stated above, my stream is perfectly fine for around 20 minutes sometimes longer (sometimes shorter) then all of a sudden I'll see that the bar will turn from green to red and I'll go from around 6,000kbps to around 3,000kbps. Then obviously the FPS will drop from 60 to...
  4. MasterJRlol

    Question / Help OBS Studio 0Kbps every 5 minutes or less

    This happens to me every time I stream on any platform (nonolive, twitch, nimo) on all the platforms I've tried it goes like this, I have an internet of 10 / 10MB and I only use 1.2 MB for the stream, I've tried everything up change PC and remains the same