1. badneck

    Switching from NDI to capture card, had some questions.

    Hey so I've finally come to the realization that no matter how much troubleshooting I do, NDI will always look a little less natural than the high qaulity cap card streams that I've been comparing it to. I'm thinking of getting a HD60 but had some questions regarding the screen tearing issue...
  2. H

    OBS Link is not detecting/recognizing Elgato HD60s+

    My Elgato HD60s+ is not being detected by OBS Link. It is being detected in OBS Studio itself but it's not being detected as an NDI in Streamlabs because OBS Link isn't detecting it. I've reinstalled OBS Link, the NDI plugin, OBS, SLOBS, everything is up to date but it's still not working.
  3. T

    Elgato HD - Jitters/Lags - Seemingly a Windows 10 Issue

    So, I've had my Elgato HD set up for a little while, but I haven't really bothered with trying to use it. Until recently, I gave it a go and found out that the footage I record now stutters every couple of seconds. It'll run fine for a few seconds, have a small delay/jitter, carry on and then...
  4. E

    Audio & Video out of sync from same source

    I'm using an elgato capture to capture nes gameplay and streaming to Twitch. If I just record there doesn't seem to be an issue, but when streaming it, it is out of sync with the video. The audio and video are both coming from the nes (via elgato), and all information I've been able to find...
  5. L

    Problèmes Elgato a obs

    Bonjour, je n'arrive pas a ajouter la source elgato sur obs, je suis sur macbook pro retina, derniere mise a jour OSX merci de m'aider s'il vous plait j'utilise un elgato HD60s Quand je mets ajouter la source et capture d'ecran video ou je ne sais plus le nom exact la seul source qui est trouver...
  6. C

    Question / Help Gamechat

    Hello I am new to streaming. I stream using an Elgato HD60s and an Xbox one. I use streamlabs obs. I use a chat link cable between my mix amp and my elgato to pick up game chat. The issue is it picks up my game chat and I want to use my blue snowball as my mic not the one I use to talk to...
  7. Goonie

    Question / Help Camera Freezing before streaming and during streaming, randomly - (Elgato CamLink 4K, HD60 S+)

    So, I'm at deadend with resolving this issue or don't know what could be the root cause of the problem. I've been having with my CamLink 4K to GoPro Hero5 in which the Video Capture would freeze. This would happen before streaming and during stream. The video feed won't return unless I...
  8. I

    Question / Help Elgato streamlab xbox issue

    Could someone please help. I am getting this one link please select capture device when I try and an ndi source on stream labs, just got my elgato capture card and trying to get it all up and running tonight. Please help.
  9. StrawSonder

    Question / Help Bottom Screen Glitch (Elgato HD60)

    Hello! I've looked around everywhere for any answers but I just haven't found anything. The closest I've gotten is someone with an HD60 S Elgato had to change their cable to a USB 3.0... but HD60 is a USB mini B, and there is no such thing for that cable. Thing is too, this didn't used to happen...
  10. J

    Question / Help OBS won't recognize my capture card

    ^Topic Just bought a new PC and got OBS Studio set up. I plugged my capture card in and OBS Studio won't recognize it. What should I do? fyi I own an Elgato HD.
  11. NickA

    Question / Help OBS with Elgato recording PS3 - getting audio cracking/popping in game audio

    Recording PS3 through a HDMI splitter (because HDCP) going into monitor and Elgato HD 60s with OBS. Have two OBS windows open. One recording facecam and the other recording gameplay- that's the one getting popping / crackling in the audio. It's pretty bad log for gameplay window...
  12. A

    Question / Help Elgato HD60S+ Audio Cut-off middle of streaming

    Hello, I have been having an issue with my streaming especially midway through gameplay. The audio seems to be cut-off or the quality drop significantly during my streaming. In order to gain back the audio, i need to stop streaming and closed OBS and re-open back and start my streaming in order...
  13. M

    Question / Help No Audio on Elgato

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out an issues with my elgato in OBS. The elgato is being read and recognized by OBS as it is capturing video and its audio bar shows up in the mixer, but there is no audio coming through. I've tried various different fixes for this including changing the...
  14. Y

    Question / Help Noise when using XRGB color format

    Hi, I searched around for anything relating to this issue before posting this and I couldn't find anything. I'm getting a bunch of noise all throughout the footage when using XRGB in the properties of my video capture device in OBS. I will attach screenshots of all my settings as well as a video...
  15. U

    Question / Help Elgato and Desktop sources playing game audio at same time!

    Hello helpful people, I'm streaming from my pc on Windows 10 using OBS.live through an Elgato HD60S+ coming from my PS4 Pro. I have no idea what has changed but the audio from the ps4 used to only be coming through the Elgato source in my OBS. Which was perfect. My mic has its own source as well...
  16. A

    Question / Help Stream PS1 with Elgato HD60S/OBS Settings

    Hello! I have just started my own Twitch account where I will stream some PlayStation One gaming sessions. My setup is as follows: Setup: - Original PS1 console (PAL/Europe) - CRT TV - AV/HDMI Adapter - Elgato HD60S Capture Card - PC with OBS installed I have tried out some different types of...
  17. A

    Bug Report OBS-Studio crashed with Elgato HD60 under Win 10

    Hello, I have a big problem. OBS-Studio 24.0.3 (64-bit) is permantly crash when I switch the scene to a scene with a active elgato source :/. Windows version: 10.0 build 18362 (revision: 719; 64-bit) CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor An OBS is not correctly show the setting of...
  18. O

    Question / Help Capture card audio won't shut up. Ever!

    Hi guys, so here's the problem. I'm using my main pc to play, and I connected the pc to an Elgato HD60 Pro installed on a second pc through an HDMI cable to use this second pc for streaming. Thus I installed the elgato software and OBS, created the scenes and all. Now, the problem is the...
  19. cabbagecanfly

    Question / Help OBS High CPU usage when idling

    Specs I run a dual-PC stream/recording setup. Stream PC specs: Two Xeon E5-2620 v2 (12 cores total), 32 GB RAM Gaming PC specs, though not really relevant: i7-4790K, GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM. I use an Elgato HD60 Pro installed in Stream PC. Past issue I used to stream/record flawlessly back in Aug...
  20. D

    Question / Help Audio stutter, OBS link audio stops

    Help my audio keeps stuttering. I've reduced my scenes and sources, removed all USB connections,... experiencing Random clicks and pops, and sometimes while streaming the audio will completely stop ... no green audio line in audio mixer.. until I disable obslink then reopen. Please help, log...