Running Elgato Game Capture HD Simultaneously Causes OBS Lag w/ PS5


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Hey folks!

I've recently gotten my hands on a PS5 and have been loving it! However, streaming it has presented a tricky problem. When I stream anything from my capture card I have the Elgato added as a video capture source in my scene, and I have the Elgato Game Capture software open on my second monitor so I can see the game full screen. Typically this doesn't cause any problems, but when streaming PS5 footage, having the Elgato software running simultaneously causes lag in OBS. Specifically it causes my transitions to lag and stutter. Everything else seems to run fine. Looking for any potential solutions for this.

Please let me know of any other info you may need to assist with this. Thank you for reading!

Log file from my last stream (At least it should be. This is my first time attaching a log file and to my knowledge I captured the right file):