1. D

    preview window and recording extremely glitchy

    i dont mean laggy or choppy. i mean actual glitching like a ton of colors and fast warping visuals glitchy. this is a brand new computer and i just finished installing the latest drivers for my card and restarting. the link shows what im getting...
  2. X

    fix this

    The quality of my recording is bad, I don't know what caused the problem in the first place
  3. B

    Obs bug render color

    hello everyone, excuse me for disturbing you, my rendering colors obs have a bug, some colors are different than on the pre-rendering available on obs, the colors can be paler (like pink / purple) or fatter (like red). I tested a LOT of things to fix this bug but nothing if you have any ideas...
  4. V

    Colors Doesn't Look Right

    I have a problem with my colors. On the left I have a picture of how it's supposed to look, and on the right side is how it's looking in my OBS. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  5. V

    Question/Problem NDI COLORS

    When I am going to transmit the screen of my other laptop (laptop 1) I see that the receiver (laptop 2) shows the colors run I would like to know what to do in a little detail, since I have looked for solutions and I still cannot find, help
  6. reejk

    OBS Python OBS Indications on Corsair Keyboard 1

    This script changes led colors on Corsair keyboards by statuses of OBS scenes, sources and filters. This way you can understand what's going on in the stream even when the OBS window is not visible. Each led has settings for color when scene is active, filter is enabled, source is active, shown...
  7. Akkiirah

    Syncing overlay color to ascent color in-game

    Hello, just a small question because I wasn’t able to find anything regarding this anywhere. I‘m searching for some plug-in or something else that shifts the hue of my overlay to the color of my game. For example, when walking in a grassy area, the overlay should be greenish. When beeing on the...
  8. ROBexe

    Just Updated to 27.0.1 and now my Background PNG's are Washed out

    I've just got around to Updating OBS Studio to 27.0.1 and my usual background elements look all washed out and weird. I haven't touched anything in the settings and the raw images are the same as they have been for the past couple of years. This litterally just happened from the update. I'm...
  9. R

    Bug on the colours of the recording

    Hello I have a problem with the registration. On the preview I have no problems but when opening the mkv file, the colours are not in the right place. As in the screen shot below It seems that the colours are shifted vertically downwards. I tried to change the colour format but still the...
  10. 7

    Outputting color incorrectly

    I'm having issues with the color output on a 2019 Mac Pro. In the output preview the colors appear washed out, however when I open the properties of filter window for the video capture device they appear correctly. (See image bellow, I should be seeing 100% bars) The issue persists to the...
  11. Edog

    Blurry/Lack of color in recordings.

    So I've recently built this PC with the intent of recording. But I am having an issue with the recordings coming out as blurry and lacking color compared to what I see when playing the game. Now I understand that you do lose a bit of quality while recording but even the people with similar...
  12. T

    Black skills, minions, even with the sky?!

    Hello, this is my first time posting on this forum! Can anyone tell me what's going on and how to fix this? This problem has ruined my stream/recording by a lot :( A real footage from OBS Studio Another real footage from OBS Studio :3
  13. W

    Color Correction issue

    Hi, all! I'm still learning a lot with OBS and have figured out a good chunk of it. However, a problem arises when I record. The issue is that, while i'm playing the game, the colors are washed out but when I'm alt-tabbed out of the game (like say, on the internet or any other program) the...
  14. ppsmm

    Question / Help Recording quality is more problematic than streaming.

    Does anyone know why this is? Streaming with a relatively lower image quality captures colors normally. However, recording on the same screen does not show the color properly. (Looks brighter)
  15. F

    Question / Help Hi ,help pls.

    when i am streaming or recording a video for ONLY Video games , everything what should be green on stream or video it shows like a black color , i don't know why , if you know how to solve this problem pls help
  16. S

    Question / Help My OBS videos aren't sharp, I need better settings

    I tried to make my videos more sharp, but I can't. I not really know why, but the video's colors a bit different. Please help me My PC: GPU: Asus RTX 2060 CPU: I7-8700 RAM: 8GB Kingston
  17. R

    Question / Help Colours not accurate

    Hey guys, i want to create gaming videos. I noticed that the colours are a bit odd, but the difference is not really big. I want to find out if it is a wrong configuration or if my expectations were simply too high. I've seen pratically no changes between the colour formats, they were all a bit...
  18. H

    Question / Help OBS capture is discolored - negative colors

    Hey there, I set up my Razer Ripsaw today and installed OBS to stream Nintendo Switch games - seems to be working, except the color in the OBS capture seems to be off - looks like negative colors, everything is pink! I can't quite find in the settings what may be causing this. See screenshot of...
  19. D

    Question / Help Color Problem.

    Hi guys,i need help,i dont know why but if i want record a video the recorded video looks so crazy! I use the default settings! Here one image. I have NVIDIA card and Windows 10. Sorry for my English! Please help!
  20. C

    Question / Help NDI color shift on streaming laptop

    Here are the log files for the gaming pc: Here are the log files for the streaming pc (a laptop): What's happening is that while the colors look fine in the preview on my gaming pc, all the colors are...