OBS output either washed out of blue/grey, plz help


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I'm starting Twitch streaming so I'm setting up OBS and notice when i create a new game capture or screen capture, it looks dull blue with warm colors looking wash out and vibrant blue is turned grey. When I Googled the problem I started to mess around with the colors settings in "advanced settings" and the only other thing I could do is make all the colors looked unsaturated and grey, and using the "Color Correction' filter to increase the saturation doesn't work.

I need help because I can't stream like this. Here is some reference:

Blue OBS result:


OBS washed out result:

OBS washed out.png

My screen outside OBS:

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how has NOBODY responded to help. this is a massive issue, I've been trying to find a solution for three hours doing everything I possibly can find online with NO result. for the love of god please help.


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I think nobody has responded because nobody else has this issue or can reproduce it. We're just speculating at best, and we each need a level of certainty in order to respond. Otherwise, we just leave it for someone else who does know. So if nobody knows, there's no response.

The other thread that you're in, does have some speculation posted to it, but that's still all it is. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. We don't really know, because we can't reproduce it.