Just Updated to 27.0.1 and now my Background PNG's are Washed out


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I've just got around to Updating OBS Studio to 27.0.1 and my usual background elements look all washed out and weird. I haven't touched anything in the settings and the raw images are the same as they have been for the past couple of years. This litterally just happened from the update.

I'm assuming theres been a new color setting thats been applied and needs changing or some kind of filter. I don't tend to mess with settings I don't fully understand so just looking for help to set things as they should be without breaking other things.

Attached should be an image of how it used to look and how it currently looks so you can see what I mean.



  • Background Old.PNG
    Background Old.PNG
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  • Background New.PNG
    Background New.PNG
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thats because the images I posted were made using the Snipping Tool and arent the originals.

It might be how I've exported them from my image editor, Affinity Designer.

I've attached the original source images bellow.


  • Blue Background.png
    Blue Background.png
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  • Smash Icons Background.png
    Smash Icons Background.png
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Ok, I was able to duplicate that. If you add a duplicate of the Smash Icons Background.png source directly above the current one, it looks fine.


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Yeah that might be a work around for now, but I'm concerned for any future images I make running into this problem. Surely theres some setting somewhere that can be changed to make it display as intended or is it just a bug that need fixing in the next version?

If thats the case I might roll back to an older version and just wait for the next before updating.