1. M

    Blur Background (Make it STOP!!)

    Hi there, I'm using OBS 29.0.2 (64 bit) on an M1 MacBook Pro running Monterey 12.6.3 I've gone through great lengths to be able to use my mirrorless Sony as a webcam here in OBS. There is what seems to be an automatic blur effect that is being added to my camera source. I didn't go through...
  2. Speeter

    Remove a Watermark with Filter

    What is the best way to get rid of a Text watermark on a relatively simple Background? Can I use a Filter (if yes, in wich Plugin), or is there a better way?
  3. B

    How to achieve 60 frames per second?

    I have a Macbook Air and I am unable to record without settings that either make the quality low or blurry, or if I increase the frames per second, there is a significant lag. I use an El Gato Facecam and a Shure SM58 mic. Is there a device that could help with this? Or a setting? Or is the...
  4. G

    Video Recording Fuzzy and Improper

    Hello, I hope you are having a nice day. Recently I've tried to use OBS as thousands of people use this app, I've tried using it and my videos are always sort-of fuzzy and are off in general. I'm wondering if there's a possible fix, as these issues do affect the quality and with other apps I...
  5. SimBloxers

    What would be the best settings for recording Beat Saber for Youtube?

    I have tried recording Beat Saber videos before, I get grainy, blurry videos but I really want to make the videos very clear. What settings you would recommend for recording Beat Saber videos? PC Specs: 9th Gen i9 32GB Ram RTX 3060 Here are what my videos currently look like...
  6. anheruu

    Some parts of the screen are blurry after recording

    In the previsualization everything looks great, but when i finish recording some parts of the screen seems to be blurry, like a half of it or 1/4 of it. I used OBS before and never had a problem like this. Thanks for your attention. If you need anything, just let me know.
  7. doublem

    Set blur effect on window

    How could I create a blur effect in my code window?
  8. Kyosika

    Blurry stream with high bitrate and RTX 3070

    Hey guys, I have had this issue for a while now and it keeps on bugging me. My streams always have some sort of blurry/grainy look to it. I used to think that this is a hardware issue but since I recently picked up the new RTX 3070 I think the issue is somewhere in my settings. I should have a...
  9. Echon

    Google Chrome Tabs Look Blurry When Recording

    When I record videos, the text in my Google Chrome tabs and my cursor look smudged and blurry. Kind of like that vision you have when you first wake up and everything is foggy and blurry. Screenshots Provided: <<< OBS Recording VS. <<< Raw Screenshot >-LOGS-<...
  10. cwthorn

    Text option

    Text option - when you put in text you want to display. If you try and change the text size all it does is go to a blur. I am on the latest version of OBS.
  11. AlexDicy

    Blurring browser background (underlying scenes)

    I have a browser source with a div element that has a backdrop-filter: blur CSS property. The browser has currently no way of knowing what are the underlying pixels, so I'm looking for a way to blur the semi-transparent background of this div, but not its content. I have tried using StreamFX...
  12. N

    Pixelation and Blur while streaming

    Hey I have been facing pixelation and blur problems for a while, I am mainly streaming CSGO. I have good streaming pc, with good internet. At this point i have tried every setting there is. This is a stream from yesterday with 12000 bitrate. When i am moving fast, the pixelation and blur...
  13. G

    Question / Help My video is laggy and blurry

    Hi, i wanted to record video on my youtube channel but when i record video is very laggy and blurry. In game and preview everything is fine. my pc spec: -ryzen 1500x -rx 580 8gb -16 gb log:
  14. Z

    Question / Help Youtube Weird Blurry Stream [Need Fix Urgent ]

    Hello I have I9 9900k + B360M HD3 1070Ti I have A Wired Blurrness on my stream check when i jump from to top to bottom whole screen gets blurry! Log :
  15. G

    Question / Help Low quality with any settings (attached logs)

    My PC specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (six-core) GPU: Radeon rx 570 8GB RAM: 16GB My settings: My logs: I spend a lot hours trying get the best settings for my stream but still I got problem. My stream is a bit blury and colors look bad like washed out. I...
  16. L

    Question / Help Stream gets blurry while moving ingame

    Hey, I am using OBS to stream on youtube but when I move in game my stream will get blurry. the blur is not in my preview. I already changed and test my bitrate but it does not work. Also when I don't move in game the stream quality is perfect. here are my specs: *PC* Intel i7 6700 GTX ASUS...
  17. D

    Question / Help Poor quality, blur when there is movement, 6k bite 60fps

    Hi all. I'm having poor picture quality on live streaming. this includes blurring, lack of sharpness in details (written for example) and when the camera is moving. This also generates an enormous lack of fluidity. I play RPG with fast movement with many details and fast scenes that move on...
  18. I

    Question / Help Blurry Stream when moving in Fortnite

    Hi everyone, i would like to stream , but a factor stops me from doing it. I have a very good PC, a have very stable obs configuration when im not moving, quality is realistic and good. But when im moving, stream starts to pixelate and get blurry, I tried lot of different options but nothing...
  19. R

    Question / Help Red and green channel are moved or have dropshadow

    Hi, i work for the first time with OBS and i need to capture a business Software in 100% Quality. But all settings variations in Forums dont work... The Picture looks blurry but it isnt blurry. (zoomed in Adobe After Effects 400%) I think the red and the green channel are corrupted but the...
  20. J

    Question / Help Pixelation Problem

    Hey there everyone... So I am sure many of you know that some other users have been having trouble with this issue and I am as well. I have attempted to change my OBS output settings to fix this problem but it seems consistent no matter the effort I attempt at solving it myself. This problem...