Video Recording Fuzzy and Improper


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Hello, I hope you are having a nice day.

Recently I've tried to use OBS as thousands of people use this app, I've tried using it and my videos are always sort-of fuzzy and are off in general.
I'm wondering if there's a possible fix, as these issues do affect the quality and with other apps I usually get much better quality.

I've attached a few screenshots and you can see how the text is off, the test seems a bit fuzzy along with other things in general.

Other Recording Services (NVIDIA Shadowplay):

I'm sure as of how OBS is recommended by a lot of people that this issue is probably me misconfiguring something and/or doing something wrong.

Thanks again!

(OBS Log:


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Please review the Ananlizer and follow it directions and recommendations.


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Settings - output
Output mode: Simple Output
Recording quality: indistinguishable
Recording encoder: nvenc
Recording format: mkv

DO NOT switch back to advanced.


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Yes, around that. I get something around that with other recording software and it looks better. I do have a lot of space on my computer for larger file sizes.


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The log is showing you recording at 720p output resolution, so either adjust your video settings in obs or adjust your expectations