audio channels

  1. tuf_Hannes

    Question / Help Audio pauses for a split second every 4-5 seconds

    So I've made two pretty long recordings yesterday (both about 2 hours) and when I started editing today I saw that the audio pauses for a split second every 4-5 seconds. CPU/GPU were fine, the upper two tracks are mic, the lower two from elgato game capture (buffering on). I don't really...
  2. S

    Question / Help Help Setting up Separate Audio Tracks

    So I wanted to know if there is any way to have the discord audio from a call, on a separate audio track than desktop and game audio. I want to have 3 audio tracks in my YouTube recordings. One being my microphone, two being game/desktop audio, and three being the discord call. Again, I don't...
  3. Z

    Question / Help Recording with multiple audio tracks results in silence on all tracks

    I am having an issue when recording with multiple audio tracks. If I only set one track to be recorded, it works fine. But if I set multiple tracks to be recorded, every track contains only absolute silence. Am I missing something obvious, or is this a bug?
  4. P

    Question / Help Dual audio channel thingy

    using Voicemeeter banana to separate discord and game audio. whenever I plop the file into an editor it results with 4 duplicate channels help is appreciated as I can't really figure this out myself
  5. Z

    Question / Help Need help with audio

    My goal is to stream and record at the same time. I want the stream to hear my discord, microphone and game audio, but i want the recording to only pick up the game audio. Is this possible?
  6. D

    Bug Report Audio Source from

    I've come across a weird issue where Video Capture Devices don't appear in the Mixer/Advanced Audio but does show in Settings > Audio I can get it to show if I Right-Click the Source and go Hide in Mixer then Unhide in Mixer I've tried removing (including removing user data) and reinstalling...
  7. X

    Question / Help Need help setting up multiple audio tracks.

    I've been trying to figure out recording with multiple audio tracks for a while now. However, OBS only records the highest number track across multiple tracks. For example, I have my mic setup on track 2, and my desktop audio on track 1. Despite registering both sounds in OBS it will only record...
  8. greenzanman

    Question / Help How do I set up multiple tracks for audio?

    Ok, so I am very confused about setting up multiple audio tracks, one for my mic and for the laptop output sounds. I followed a tutorial on youtube to set it up, and my thing looks like this: p.s. My mic volume is like 500 because it sounds really quiet. Also, I use the type of mic that goes...
  9. J

    [SUGGESTION] Compressor Filter Attack/Release Time Extension

    Greetings, I am not sure if I'm posting in the right place but the Compressor filter that can be added to any audio source and can sidechain/duck to another audio source is one of my favorite additions to OBS Studio. The problem I have with it currently is the attack/release are both too short...
  10. F

    Question / Help Help with multiple audio channels when importing to Adobe Premiere

    This is my first post here to start. A friend and I are trying to record some gameplay and we each have a lavalier mic. When ingesting the video file (MOV) into Premiere, there are multiple audio tracks but they are all the same, the mics and the game audio flattened into one track. We are both...