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  1. B

    Multi-stream Audio options

    With the recent announcement that Twitch will allow you to stream to other platforms at the same time. This opens up the opportunity to stream to Youtube and Twitch at the same time, which is an something alot of streamers want to explore. However, Youtube live scans for music etc and will...
  2. K

    How do i record Xbox gamebar party chat on a seperate audio track using obs?

    Ive been trying to figure this out for months. When recording with OBS Studio, im unable to record party chat outputting from xbox game bar audio on pc in a seperate audio track so i have that audio alone in one track. I just wanna record my party chat on a seperate audio track from everything...
  3. JooosBox

    29.1.3 Advanced Audio Mixer Channels Grayed Out in Settings

    Here's a log, just in case. I'm new to this so Idk if this actually helps: Basically I'm trying to record three channels separately on the same recording: one for game volume, one for Discord, and one for my mic. I've separated the inputs in the...
  4. N

    Audio channels uneven in recording.

    Hi. I am using OBS to record audio and video from a browser in my desktop. While recording, I can hear the audio just fine, but when I hear the recorded video, the right channel of the audio is noticeably louder than the left. I can also see that in the mixer bars while recording. The lower bar...
  5. errcsool

    OBS from Ableton via Blackhole

    I would like to setup my audio input device to use a specific channel on the Black Hole virtual audio routing driver. If possible, I am also a bit confused about how to use Blackhole, specifically setting the routes from different inputs to different outputs. Here is my setup so far: - MacOS...
  6. HowlRound Theatre Commons

    How can I split audio from two Window Capture Sources —> one to the Right channel and one to the Left channel?

    My goal is for the livestream audience to hear Window Capture Source A in one ear, and Window Capture Source B in the other ear. (If they are wearing headphones). If I have two different Window Sources, how would I separate the audio from Window Source A to the Left audio channel, and send the...
  7. Fabian

    Question / Help How to route VLC audio into separate OBS audio track on Linux?

    I'm currently using a "VLC video source" source (what a redundant name) to play music in streams and record them into a separate audio track. But that way I cannot hear the music, unless I mirror it to desktop audio, which would ruin the separation. I have found some really complicated guides...
  8. R

    Question / Help [recording] OBS 24 ignores FFACustom

    Hello, I'm in need of some help. I record via ffmpeg custom. Sometimes I do recordings for extralow bandwidth (i.e. old modems with up to 56kbps rate). What I want to achieve Using ffmpeg I have chosen 11khz mono being enough for my needs and encode it in 32kbps aac. OBS has Advanced Output...
  9. V

    Record/Stream audio channels

    Good morning, I would like to suggest the option of being able to record audios on different channels. For example, I am talking with my friends in discord and I want to convey. but I don't want my voice and that of my friends to be streamed, I want only the game audio to be streamed.
  10. theMuzzl3

    Removable Audio Channels & Filter Group Options, AUX Sends, Undo Function

    Sources & Audio Channels: Option to right click, and select "remove all filters," would be nice. Audio channel options: I'd love to be able to right click on an audio channel & click delete. It could also be an option from the advanced audio properties window (right clicking, in general, would...
  11. vergara.leandro

    Question / Help Audio Channel Virtual Split

    I need assistance with an enviroment configuration like these: I have a live stream that about a sport match with the sport reporter comments in english. Is there any way to get that live stream in OBS, split the audio channels of match ambient audio & sports reporter comments (i receive audio...
  12. M

    Question / Help OBS suddenly makes my entire computer lag when opened

    I'm not sure what is going on, this is out of no where. Typically everything runs just fine. I have a large stream set up and a gaming pc to back it up. I went to record a video today using OBS and out of no where I simply opened it and had an array of problems. My audio devices were not...
  13. J

    Question / Help Audio Tracks not recording the way I want them to

    So for whatever reason when I record something, it records 6 tracks, all in mono. I do not have it set to 6 tracks, nor do I have it set to mono. I have it set to three tracks - one with desktop audio, one with mic audio, and one with both. In the output settings, I have it set to advanced and...
  14. P

    Question / Help Obs Avermedia

    I need help for this please, I have a lag of 1 second on all the windows created how can I regulate that, thanks you
  15. L

    [Windows 10] Seperate audios and distribute to 3 tracks: to hear, to stream and to record

    Important: this guide only works on Windows 10. No idea if it could work on Windows 8 since I've never used Windows 8 or 8.1. But I'm sure Windows 7 and below can't. Important: make sure you know basically how to configure Windows 10 (especially sound) and OBS. There is a similar guide about...
  16. S

    Question / Help Audio cuts out while interacting with second monitor

    While I'm streaming through twitch or even recording I have obs to capture my main monitor and all of its audio. But while interacting with my secondary monitor obs will not capture the audio from my main monitor but will maintain the visuals. So my question is is there a way to dedicate the...
  17. E

    Question / Help Several questions. Using OBS to capture music recording session in REAPER

    Hello- I am familiarizing myself with OBS, using it to capture live music recording sessions. The digital audio workstation I use is REAPER. I have questions, some specific to REAPER, and others more general. A generally applicable one first: 1) How can OBS be set to capture popup windows...
  18. CoreyTheLaw

    Turn the compressor into an Audio Limiter

    Recently I attempted to re-engineer the compressor for limiting purposes only but was stopped due to the compressor's ratio only being limited to (32:1) An audio limiter is a compressor in general when you have a ratio of (inf:1) and thus my request is to allow the compressor's ratio extended...
  19. D

    Question / Help Automatic audio switch plugin

    Dear Open Broadcaster Users, I had in the past a program for a another stream software that mak's it possible to automatic switch camera or scenes based on audio. So i had 3 webcams and 3 soundcards within all the soundcards a mic plugged in. with mic was talking in that camera wil be live. Is...
  20. tuf_Hannes

    Question / Help Audio pauses for a split second every 4-5 seconds

    So I've made two pretty long recordings yesterday (both about 2 hours) and when I started editing today I saw that the audio pauses for a split second every 4-5 seconds. CPU/GPU were fine, the upper two tracks are mic, the lower two from elgato game capture (buffering on). I don't really...