Removable Audio Channels & Filter Group Options, AUX Sends, Undo Function


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Sources & Audio Channels:
Option to right click, and select "remove all filters," would be nice.

Audio channel options:
I'd love to be able to right click on an audio channel & click delete. It could also be an option from the advanced audio properties window (right clicking, in general, would help there).
In advanced window, under audio monitoring, additional selections for "AUX 1," and "AUX 2," would be nice. Additionally, right click & "add," or "+" --> "Audio AUX Return Capture." Aux tracks could be built into the standard profile, by default, and they should be able to host VST2, VST3, AU, and other audio plugins (internally, in OBS). There should also be an option within each AUX track (before internal "pre fx," and "post fx," to check an option to "send to external device, desk, or internal device," so that it can be sent out to things like VB Cable, Jack, or SAR.

Filter Groups:
I'd like to be able to select one filter, then hold shift & click another, to select multiple filters... then right click, remove. Same goes for CTRL + click (select them, 1 by 1)
To be able to select a group of them, and right click, and have an option for save as group. Then, either the "+" button or right click & "add," should offer "add filters group," and then have "user saved," and (optionally, if dev's wanted to set up basic default configurations) "factory installed."
Saved filter groups could be saved some where in either the Program Files or the Program Data folder.

After doing multiple processes, such as resizing a source window, adding a filter, changing orders of filters, changing parameters on filters, etc. :
There should be an option to go to edit, and click Undo (and CTRL+Z or other hotkey combo should do it).
Users should be able to use the Undo function, a whole bunch of times.
Redo should also work.

Additional Suggestions:
Options should come up when users right click anywhere directly under the column for scenes, sources, audio mixer, controls, stats, etc.
-Suggested options:
*View Options for this column

Anybody agree with any of this? Anybody have pointers that can help me, with things that line up with these suggestions?