1. M

    Undo Changes in OBS

    Hello! Kinda got myself in a situation and I'm hoping someone can help me out of it. I was creating a new Scene in OBS, and I wanted to use some of the previous sources I'm using in another scene so I selected the "Add Existing Source" button and got all the groups and other sources I needed. I...
  2. Deraile

    "Undo" alternative

    Hi, first let me present my utmost respect for the awesome piece of software you guys make available for all to use, and for free! It is truly great. Now, I've been using it for a while, both for streaming and recording footage, and needless to say, I love it. But on a couple occasions, it left...
  3. theMuzzl3

    Removable Audio Channels & Filter Group Options, AUX Sends, Undo Function

    Sources & Audio Channels: Option to right click, and select "remove all filters," would be nice. Audio channel options: I'd love to be able to right click on an audio channel & click delete. It could also be an option from the advanced audio properties window (right clicking, in general, would...
  4. codemann8

    [Feature Request] Undo/Redo Functionality

    It drives me absolutely nuts when I'm live on stream and I accidentally drag my mouse, or click in the wrong spot and it moves something unintentionally that took several minutes to get just right. If only there was a quick way to undo this action without having to stop what I'm doing in my...