Multi-stream Audio options


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With the recent announcement that Twitch will allow you to stream to other platforms at the same time. This opens up the opportunity to stream to Youtube and Twitch at the same time, which is an something alot of streamers want to explore.

However, Youtube live scans for music etc and will strike if you play copyright material, which is circumvented on Twitch via not recording that audio channel to the VOD using the "VOD uses channel 2" which is very handy (thanks for that)

My question/suggestion is, now that multi-streaming is likely to become more common place, can OBS allow us to stream directly to two or more platforms, and is there any way we could have control over what streams get what audio channels from the settings menu in OBS? so we could always exclude any potentially copyright sound like music or meme clips/reaction sounds from the Youtube stream. Is there a way to expand the VOD uses channel 2 function to a per stream upload feed ?

It would of course compromise the stream experience on Youtube with no background music or meme react sounds, but copyright strikes and potential demonetisation on YT is a serious issue for full timers out there making money from YT content in tandem with stream earnings.


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Generally, if you want different content, you need a separate instance of OBS. One instance can feed another, using any number of methods, so that might be a way to have a "baseline" stream and a "+1" stream that go to different places. Most of your production effort would go into the "baseline", and the "+1" takes that and adds the stuff that doesn't go *everywhere*.

The downside is that you need enough resources to support two complete instances of OBS simultaneously. But it can be done. I have a rig myself that does that. One instance produces the feed to a remote meeting, and the other produces and records the local display, which is often a window-capture of the meeting, but sometimes copies the outgoing picture directly instead.

There are a few plugins that allow you to get different content to different places from the same instance of OBS, but only in specific situations. You might record a specific scene to a file, for example, regardless of what the main output is doing, and you can add a scene as a source to another scene, to effectively take that signal through another loop of processing in the same instance of OBS.

But the general case still holds true:
Different content = different dedicated instance.