Question / Help Several questions. Using OBS to capture music recording session in REAPER


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I am familiarizing myself with OBS, using it to capture live music recording sessions. The digital audio workstation I use is REAPER. I have questions, some specific to REAPER, and others more general. A generally applicable one first:

1) How can OBS be set to capture popup windows (related to the primary specified window)?
The scenario: OBS successfully captures the main screen displayed in REAPER. However, when I open up a virtual instrument being used on one of the tracks I am working on, the interface for the instrument pops up, in front of the main REAPER window. In OBS, this popup window is not displayed or captured. I suspect the same would hold true in any other situation where a primary window has been configured in OBS, and where a secondary, popup window is generated. The popup window does not appear in the list of screens available to be displayed in OBS.

2) (This might be more geared toward fellow musicians using REAPER) When listening to samples stored on my hard drive, through REAPER's Media Explorer, how can the audio of those files be routed into OBS?

Thank you for any and all constructive input.