1. T

    Reaper Plugin has broken OBS for me - Unable to open OBS

    I was trying to install Reaper Plugins for my Audio on OBS, however when I have selected one of the Reaper VST Plugins as a VST filter on my Audio Input Capture, OBS Crashed. Please see below the crash log: I am now unable to open OBS at all and do not want to...
  2. mirobane

    OBS : ReaEQ on VLC playlist folder resulting crash

    Hi ! I try put VST2 filter on a VLC player tath reading a folder of MP3 then when i select Reaper VST plugin standalone on list menu ( ReaEQ in my case) , OBS crashes. media are playing and was able to not crash when audio source was stoped. logs :
  3. D

    Bug Report Occasional garbled audio with REAPER into OBS

    Hello! I used OBS to live-stream a concert to Facebook. During testing, I skyped a friend in to jam with me using REAPER's NINJAM software and I attempted to share the video of my bassist's stream in OBS, but the recording revealed that the audio was completely garbled. The audio in Reaper was...
  4. O

    Question / Help Odd issue with reastream/REAPER and OBS

    Hey everyone, I've been trying to get audio from Reaper through to OBS and I've followed the tutorials, uninstalled both REAPER and OBS a couple of times and still I get this weird situation where reastream is working, but only after I hit enter when the plugin is open (specifically, when I hit...
  5. E

    Question / Help Several questions. Using OBS to capture music recording session in REAPER

    Hello- I am familiarizing myself with OBS, using it to capture live music recording sessions. The digital audio workstation I use is REAPER. I have questions, some specific to REAPER, and others more general. A generally applicable one first: 1) How can OBS be set to capture popup windows...