Bug Report Occasional garbled audio with REAPER into OBS

Hello! I used OBS to live-stream a concert to Facebook. During testing, I skyped a friend in to jam with me using REAPER's NINJAM software and I attempted to share the video of my bassist's stream in OBS, but the recording revealed that the audio was completely garbled. The audio in Reaper was fine, but out of OBS was choppy/garbled. Further testing revealed this went away when I recorded on my own so I thought it might be a CPU issue. I made sure that sample rates matched between REAPER and OBS. Then I was recording myself alone and the audio became garbled foe 30 seconds again and then reverted back to normal. Finally, it began again 30 minutes before the live stream so I uninstalled and reinstalled OBS and this seemed to resolve my issue for the length of the live-stream. However I have read other forum posts and there doesn't seem to be a fix yet. Has anyone else been experiencing this and how have you fixed it? Unfortunately because I uninstalled and reinstalled I lost the old logs. I have attached an audio file where you can hear it transition from nice audio to garbled.