OBS from Ableton via Blackhole


New Member
I would like to setup my audio input device to use a specific channel on the Black Hole virtual audio routing driver. If possible, I am also a bit confused about how to use Blackhole, specifically setting the routes from different inputs to different outputs.

Here is my setup so far:

- MacOS 12.1 with Apple Silicon
- Setup Aggregate Device for audio input/output -> Mac microphone : Mac speakers : Scarlet 2i2 USB : Blackhole 16 channel
- Ableton 11
- In Ableton, use analog input channel from Scarlet Focusrite
- In Ableton, route Master output to first Blackhole output channel
- OBS 27
- In OBS, setup Audio Input Capture Device from Aggregate Device created earlier

The issue is that I can't figure out how to choose the specific channel(s) from the Audio Input Capture Device, nor can I figure out how to route from the first Blackhole output channel to the first Blackhole input channel. Do y'all have any advice?