How can I split audio from two Window Capture Sources —> one to the Right channel and one to the Left channel?

My goal is for the livestream audience to hear Window Capture Source A in one ear, and Window Capture Source B in the other ear. (If they are wearing headphones).

If I have two different Window Sources, how would I separate the audio from Window Source A to the Left audio channel, and send the audio from Window Source B to the Right audio channel?


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To start, you need to have individual audio devices that you can send your windows to. The easiest way to do this is to use VirtualAudioCable (well worth the money, IMO, but if you only need 2 channels, then you can get this functionality for free by installing VoiceMeeter Banana), and then go to Windows Settings -> System -> Sound, and then "App volume and device preferences". Set the Output device for each window to your individual channels.

Note: if you're trying to do this with 2 browser windows from the same browser, this likely won't work as windows only has app-level control of audio routing. If this is the case, then using 2 separate browsers would be necessary (unless there's an extension that lets you change the audio device on a per-tab/window basis... that would be cool).

Once you have audio routed to your audio devices, just add the audio devices as sources in OBS. Go to the advanced audio settings (click the gear in the mixer), downmix your source to mono, and set the balance as desired for each source.
Thank you, I will try this! (Based on your response I assume that there is no native solution inside OBS for what I am trying to do, i.e. without adding third-party audio software. If there is a solution without additional software needed, please let me know.). Again, thanks a lot!.