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I've come across a weird issue where Video Capture Devices don't appear in the Mixer/Advanced Audio but does show in Settings > Audio
I can get it to show if I Right-Click the Source and go Hide in Mixer then Unhide in Mixer

I've tried removing (including removing user data) and reinstalling 21.1.2 with no luck

After reinstalling with user data removal, sometimes adding the device and restarting OBS makes it appear properly, but it's very hit and miss.
Once a device is added to a scene properly (showing in mixer) it seems to stay.


Windows Version: 10.0 Build 17134 (revision: 112; 64-bit)
OBS: 21.1.2

LGX is the Video Capture Device, and doesn't show up in Mixer even if I remove and readd
Video Capture Bug 01.PNG

LGX Shows in Settings > Audio
Video Capture Bug 02.PNG

Doesn't show as Hidden, and Using Unhide all doesn't reveal
Video Capture Bug 03.PNG

Video Capture Bug 03.5.PNG

Using Hide/Unhide Makes it appear
Video Capture Bug 04.PNG
Video Capture Bug 05.PNG

Still doesn't show under Advanced
Video Capture Bug 06.PNG