Question / Help How do I set up multiple tracks for audio?


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Ok, so I am very confused about setting up multiple audio tracks, one for my mic and for the laptop output sounds.
I followed a tutorial on youtube to set it up, and my thing looks like this:
p.s. My mic volume is like 500 because it sounds really quiet.
Also, I use the type of mic that goes into that hole thing that looks like an audio jack hole thing.

My problem is that I want to have a separate track for mic and output audio for my editing.
However, when I go to edit in Premiere Pro, all of the tracks have both the audio from the mic and output, although some had varying degrees of volume from one of the sounds(the mic and output from laptop). I wear headphones and I do not have "Listen to Mic" on, so I dunno what is happening.
All I want are separate audio tracks for my mic and my laptop output.

Here is a log file: link
I wasn't recording any video in that thing, but I was playing sounds from youtube and spoke through my mic.
Thanks for the help!

EDIT: I tried again while setting the output file to mov, but it's the same. Here are some extra details I did not give: the first track is mainly my mic, but you can hear a little bit of the output of youtube. The second track is mostly the youtube audio, but you can hear what I am saying. Tracks 3 and 4 are similar
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Premiere pro is notoriously bad at media format support on the input side.
Double-check the video itself in VLC.

And stop saving directly to mp4.


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The problem seems to be that my mic inputs are also going into my desktop audio outputs too. I keep seeings posts about realtek and stuff, but I have no idea what that is.

edit: it only happens when the output is the headphones
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