[SUGGESTION] Compressor Filter Attack/Release Time Extension


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I am not sure if I'm posting in the right place but the Compressor filter that can be added to any audio source and can sidechain/duck to another audio source is one of my favorite additions to OBS Studio. The problem I have with it currently is the attack/release are both too short for anyone who talks often to their viewers. I think raising it to 4000-5000ms from the current 500 and 1000ms would add a lot more optimization for the broadcasters. I use it to lower my desktop audio when I speak however my viewers find the constant up and down of the desktop audio to be too much, a longer attack/release would help ease the flow of the volume changes that happen through this compressor. Thank you for reading and your consideration.


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I also would very much appreciate a longer release time for the audio compressor filter. We are using OBS for streaming from church to our own restreaming server and the gain between music and speech units has to be adapted. With 5000...10000 milliseconds it would be perfect.
We are using an Ubuntu laptop, so we cannot use VST plugins, which offer a little bit longer release time.
Nevertheless OBS is a very good tool and also easy to use, (after understanding the difference between profiles and scenes ;-) ).
Thank you very much for your work.


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I second this, it would be very nice to have extended release time for sidechained compressor to be able to speak with pauses on top of the music w/out constant music volume changes up and down.