So far working great with vlc source, very easy to use and to understand.
I have a suggestion though.
I'm using multiple playlists on a single vlc source. You can go to the next or to the preview playlist via hotkeys but would be awsome to be able to have a hotkey for each playlist.
Need Help, Awesome Plugin but I can't find the txt. file anywhere to add the song name and lyrics where would it end up at after the intall on windows
The paths for the output files have to be configured by you.
Really great work!
I put myself in window title mode and no problem with Foobar2000, I just replaced the name of the software "[foobar2000]" with nothing and it is no longer displayed.
It can really be used with any music player or browser, it is complete and excellent for everyone.

Sure, I'll share it in a tutorial in French for my YouTube community.
Thank tou very much! Been using this plugin for a while, so useful please keep it up!
Works like a charm :)
Nightly #75 (with commit ec8cd3f) had the fix for the auto-refresh token <3 Thank you

Would it be possible to add a "previous track info" features?
Maybe as a checkbox when editing an output that then allow to save the info to a "<song info path>_previous" file before writing the new track info
Very useful with Spotify!

Displays song info with a plugin instead of additional software is much more comfortable for me.

Open OBS and go.
Thank you so much!
Excelent puglin
This plugin is execlent but it's possible add a track number of song on playlist?
Excelent plugin! Love it!
Best plugin for "now playing"
Widely configurable and easy to use.
Hey Looks Great
i would really appreciate if you would make it for Tidal as well.
This is excellent, great work.
I've been using Twobbler until now to grab song info and album covers (through while playing from Spotify, and this is much less cumbersome and also updates several times faster. The only thing I'd like to see added is the option to use a custom cover placeholder (or none at all) when nothing is playing.
Edit: Found the cover placeholder image in the plugin files. A path setting in the GUI would be nice though!
I love it, really clever and easy to use!
Any plans on including Deezer in the supported apps?
Maybe once deezer has an API that allows for it. Otherwise you can already use it via the web player.
This is great! It works really well, and is very customizable. One critique that would be nice is the ability for a "main" artist wildcard, since some songs can have a ton of artists, like a movie soundtrack with multiple singers on a track.
Spotify reports all artists as one long string so the only option would be to assume that the first one is the "main" artist, but other than that it could be doable
The plugin is really more practical than what already exists and mixed with the Spectralizer plugin the visual experience is really satisfying. Unfortunately, when no sound is played, a square that is not very graphic appears. Would it be possible to hide it or choose a custom image?
If you're talking about the question mark image, see "How do I change the placeholder cover?" on the plugin page
Hello, I have problems with universallp tuna, it does not appear, I put it in the folder correctly in C:/program files/obs-studio and I put it there to update tuna but it no longer appears
Exactly what I needed!
Looks like a good plugin. Trying to get it working with VLC but the source only has "none" on it and refreshing doesn't add anything. Any ideas?
Do you have any VLC sources added? It only works with VLC sources not with the actual VLC player
It works excellent! Thank you so much to developer. Im just curious, if there's any way to show the next song's title for example, if i use a vlc player?