This is only a minor update really but some of the underlying libraries were getting slightly out of date so this should bring them all back in line with the latest.
This update fixes a few minor bugs as well as updates to the latest Photino version which hopefully should bring some performance improvements as well as native file dialog handling via Photino rather than a 3rd party library.
We leapfrogged .net 7 and a new version has been pushed out which mainly includes bumps to the dotnet version as well as other related dependencies. There has been some internal code streamlining and refactoring but there are no major changes to the app functionality, it should just be a bit faster given the optimisations that have gone into .net 8.
Just a quick update to mention that Twitter integration is now in its own plugin due to the Twitter API changes, which make it unrealistic for us to use our own client id going forward so you can still use Twitter with Strem, you just need to go and download the plugin separately as its no longer bundled.

Personally I was hoping they would walk back on the twitter usage rules but they didnt :(