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  1. Grofit

    Free Strem - Stream Automation App 0.7.226

    Strem is a free and open source stream automation tool for PC (Windows only atm) which lets you control 3rd party apps/services through user defined flows and portals as well as having a simple to use and easy to extend plugin system. It also contains a bespoke real-time todo system that lets...
  2. H

    OBS-Websocket Tally Light α [Deleted]

    HewelDesign submitted a new resource: OBS-Websocket Tally Light - OBS-Websocket Tally Light Read more about this resource...
  3. pashkal

    Free OBS Video Scheduler

    Tomcat web application that enables scheduling of pre-recorded videos playbacks during OBS broadcast and creating a video plan ahead of the broadcast. Scheduled videos will automatically start in the correct layer. Currently two interfaces are supported: web interface for schedule management...