spectralizer v1.3.4

Is there a tutorial how to install to a Mac? I can't seem to make it work. :(
Looks decent, however the rendering code needs adjustments. Almost 6ms are spent rendering 4 256x256 sources, which just isn't okay.

The rendering code of this plugin should undergo a clean rewrite, as there is no reason to render each element individually. Instead the author should build a vertex buffer large enough to fit each bar, and work with that instead. This would save nearly 95% of the time spent rendering, and free it up for actually important things - like the game.
Classic tool , been using it for a while , a flawless tool.
thanks for the most recent update! i thought the filters issues was just me
The best. I have been using for months.
I like the new line option. New problem though: when selecting custom line thickness and then clicking on the input box to adjust the line thickness, obs will immediately hang. If you adjust the line thickness by using the up/down arrow indicators to the left of the input box it doesn't hang and works fine...
I love the app! Works well with different OBS filters like opacity.
Only issue I've noticed is that after a signal source has been quiet for a few moments, the bars come to life again acting like there is a signal present. Is this an intended feature?
It's auto adjusting the scale, which you can disable. It's intended to make sure that loud audio gets represented in the same way as quiet audio, but it'll over amplify if you feed it very quiet audio for too long, so either use a noise gate or disable the option
Works as intended! Only problem is that you can't flip the spectralizer. not vertical and not horizontal. and there Ain't much options to customize your spectralizer, would've been cool if there were more options to change your look of the bar to a line or to a Wave. other than that this plugin is great!
You can flip any source in obs you can even rotate them, there's no need for a separate option
Love it
Thx, that's good plugin for broadcasts. =)
Doesn't work on any sort of incoming signal, only VLC and other media, so I have to give this the lowest rating. No fix on the github, can't use the app as intended. Please remove features that don't work.
I'm not going to remove a feature just because it didn't work for you
Really good Visualizer, I would love to have the option added to set the frequency range however, would make this a 10/10 plugin
I loved it, I would like to put a circular image and that the audio could be seen around as in streamyard, can you do it please?
Great Plugin!

---> FOR PEOPLE HAVING PROBLEMS, LOOK FOR "audio visualizer" SOURCE, NOT "spectralizer" <---

I was confused for a long time about why is wasn't showing up, but i just didn't know what I was looking for. Works amazingly well once you find it!

Searched for something like this for ages just to find out it's been a thing since 2019, awesome! I can finally replace my unreliable HTML Browser Visualizer :D
very Good!
I made a low-level mistake before and caused the installation to fail!
D:\Program Files\obs-studio\ >>>success
D:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit >>>fail
Got it installed and it shows up as a source. Wish there was a mode for it being as a circle instead of a line.
Like others have been saying recently, it straight up doesn't show up as a source option. I've made multiple attempts at installing it, even on a clean install, and no such luck. It doesn't show up in the source options after following the exact installation directions.
it looks good, but it doesnt appear on my source list, can anyone help me?
doesnt work with my obs, installed multiple times but doesnt show up in obs. not worth it.
If you would be a bit more specific there, I might actually be able to help you
Works great, looks awesome. Im loving it!