CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings

Semi-free CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings 7.4.1 - Support for non-USB cams

CamooZ 5.2 will show exposure settings as fractions of a second (like 1/8 sec, and not only the actual driver value "-3" which is not that helpful to know)

CamooZWeb Version 1.2 has fixed a bug that could freeze the camera
I have added one more app into the download package that allows you to control your camera from another PC via web browser.



Setup: run CamooZWeb.exe on the local machine that is: the one with the camera(s), copy the ip-address incl. the port and access the camera settings from anywhere in your network. Please note that this is BETA and it does not have save/restore capabilities yet. I plan to include them in the nearer future.
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CamooZ now allows for automated loading of previously saved profiles.


Return codes (aka errorlevels)
0 - File processed successfully
4 - No camera found that matches file data (name or id)
8 - This profile has no cam name or ID stored. It is not compatible with CamooZ V5 automation - save new settings first
16 - File specified as command line parameter could not be found

Please note: profiles made with older version will not work, as I have to also store the cameras unique identifier - which I did not do in older versions (no need to :-)

Hopefully self-explanatory. The -silent parameter will close CamooZ immediately after aplpying the chosen profile. Run without -silent will keep CamooZ on, showing you in a log what it did, like this:

Auto mode detected
Starting file processing
File is c:\users\dauser\dadocuments\myprofile.ccs
Profile's cam name is HD Pro Webcam C920
Profile's cam ID is \\?\usb#vid_046d&pid_0892&mi_00#6&b605832&1&0000#{65e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196}\global
The read profile data matches camera #1
Camera #1 selected
Now applying settings:
BacklightCompensation set to 0
Brightness set to 127
Contrast set to 144
Exposure set to -5
Focus set to 0
Gain set to 47
Pan set to 0
Saturation set to 145
Sharpness set to 128
Tilt set to 0
WhiteBalance set to 3852
Zoom set to 100
PowerFrequency set to PAL - 50Hz
Settings applied successfully
You can close this log and work with CamooZ as usual now
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