CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings

Semi-free CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings 7.4.2

V6 is a major redesign. Married local and webserver into one new app with integrated web server - new Version 6 will combine controlling the camera locally using the app's sliders, and remotely on a browser on another machine. Interfaces are the same. Click on the "run webserver" button, see the URL change color to blue, click on it to start browser. Better handling of driver issues and AUTO-settings.




Command line is available
locally to load a previously saved profile
on the browser to set features in the url

c:\program files\camooz.exe -silent -file:"c:\users\dauser\dadocuments\myprofile.ccs"


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Version 1.4 will now reliably save and restore all camera values in / from profiles of your choosing / naming
CamooZWeb 1.3 now has save/restore functionality. You can create, save to, load from and delete profiles. One set of profiles wil be provided per camera.

Also it comes with command line functions to be added to the URL like this:

Complete help on commands is on the main page.
CamooZ 5.2 will show exposure settings as fractions of a second (like 1/8 sec, and not only the actual driver value "-3" which is not that helpful to know)

CamooZWeb Version 1.2 has fixed a bug that could freeze the camera
I have added one more app into the download package that allows you to control your camera from another PC via web browser.



Setup: run CamooZWeb.exe on the local machine that is: the one with the camera(s), copy the ip-address incl. the port and access the camera settings from anywhere in your network. Please note that this is BETA and it does not have save/restore capabilities yet. I plan to include them in the nearer future.
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CamooZ now allows for automated loading of previously saved profiles.


Return codes (aka errorlevels)
0 - File processed successfully
4 - No camera found that matches file data (name or id)
8 - This profile has no cam name or ID stored. It is not compatible with CamooZ V5 automation - save new settings first
16 - File specified as command line parameter could not be found

Please note: profiles made with older version will not work, as I have to also store the cameras unique identifier - which I did not do in older versions (no need to :-)

Hopefully self-explanatory. The -silent parameter will close CamooZ immediately after aplpying the chosen profile. Run without -silent will keep CamooZ on, showing you in a log what it did, like this:

Auto mode detected
Starting file processing
File is c:\users\dauser\dadocuments\myprofile.ccs
Profile's cam name is HD Pro Webcam C920
Profile's cam ID is \\?\usb#vid_046d&pid_0892&mi_00#6&b605832&1&0000#{65e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196}\global
The read profile data matches camera #1
Camera #1 selected
Now applying settings:
BacklightCompensation set to 0
Brightness set to 127
Contrast set to 144
Exposure set to -5
Focus set to 0
Gain set to 47
Pan set to 0
Saturation set to 145
Sharpness set to 128
Tilt set to 0
WhiteBalance set to 3852
Zoom set to 100
PowerFrequency set to PAL - 50Hz
Settings applied successfully
You can close this log and work with CamooZ as usual now
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