CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings

Semi-free CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings 7.4.1 - Support for non-USB cams

Fixed a bug handling ini-files created with another version
Fixed a bug intercepting implausible drivers responses
Little cosmetic to the GUI
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For your convenience you can now either extract CamooZ.exe from the zip-file and handle it's installation yourself manually - or you just run the installer "setup.exe".

When you work with e.g. 2 profiles, both with a little zoom-in and one has PAN -10, the other PAN +10, CamooZ would usually just change the camera pan from -10 to +10 on the spot.

With SmoothPTZR option enabled CamooZ will issue 20 changes to the camera's PAN setting: from -10 to +10, one after the other, waiting 20 milliseconds between them (shown in this video, pls forgive the lousy light in my basement)



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  • Thanks to @TheRealKolga and @JK14 who provided trace and test data V7.2.7 is pretty stable now when it encounters and discards/ignores e.g. capture cards.

  • CamooZ trackbars now slide smoothly with much better performance leading to much higher accuracy

  • New listening mode - CamooZ will disable all controls for the user and just check the selected camera's settings 10x/second (useful when you need to figure out if another application is making changes to your camera)

  • A manual refresh button to re-read all current camera settings

  • A USB auto-refresh option: in case there is a USB insert or remove, you can make CamooZ refresh the camera list automatically.
    (Until now a restart of CamooZ was required to include newly added or get rid of removed USB cameras).

  • Simpler interface with an ever growing number of options now moved to an options panel that also has the hotkey settings.



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7.2.4 Two important bugfixes - suggest to update immediately.

  1. Bugfix: CamooZ creates and emtpy camera list in case of an orphaned driver
  2. Bugfix: If CamooZ saves e.g. camera Nr.3 to its ini-file as the last used camera, then at next start it will attempt to load that camera. 7.2.4 fixes a bug that can cause a crash, when the last camera is no longer available - or the total number of cameras has changed and is now is lower than the one stored.
When CamooZ versions before 7.2.3 checked all camera-like devices they would iterate through all available ones and list them, even those that are indeed capture devices but not USB webcams (like capture cards or virtual cameras - as seen with SplitCam and Elgato 4k60). CamooZ did crash at startup in some rare such instances with an EOleSysError.

Beginning today with version 7.2.3 CamooZ will ignore anything that is not a real physical USB webcam.

Minor bugs fixes:

  • When toggling profiles the exposure is now shown in integer value and fraction of a second.
  • The standard DirectShow dialog (that you usually should not be using, it's just there in case you want to compare CamooZ's values with the system dialog) now shows the camera name in its header.

When new hotkeys were assigned to profiles, they sometimes were only active after restarting CamooZ. 7.2.2. fixes that, so that all hotkeys are active and armed the moment they're set.
Many thanks to @derWu for the suggestion.

CamooZWeb 7.2.1 now supports a URL command to switch camera profles - as follows (e.g.):


No changes made to CamooZ and the Streamdeck plugin.

Assign Global hotkeys to any camera profile. CamooZ will process key strokes (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-F12) even if it doesn't have the focus.


CamooZ 7.1.0 now comes with a plugin (V1.3) for the Elgato Streamdeck.

The plugin is aware of all existing CamooZ camera profiles. Now activating preset profiles with all your fine tuned camera settings is as easy as the press of a button on your streamdeck.

The plugin is included in the zip-file package for now - I'm confident it will make it into the Elgato store soon.