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Semi-free CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings 7.4.1 - Support for non-USB cams

6.4a fixes an issue when automating with the -file parameter and not giving a fully qualified path, but only the file name (when it sits in the same folder as the exe).

c:\program files\camooz\camooz.exe -file:"C:\Users\dauser\Documents\CamooZ6\HD_Pro_Webcam_C920\prod01.ccs" worked in 6.4

c:\program files\camooz\camooz.exe -file:"prod01.ccs" caused the file not to be properly processed.

Starting with 6.4a when we get only a filename and no folder, we shall assume that it resides in the same dir as the executable

Thanks @LogiC930eUser !
Thanks to @PedjaS, who had the idea, version 6.4 comes with an additional and alternative much smaller GUI for those of you with limited monitor space ;-) It looks somewhat like the original DirectShow settings dialog as you may know from clicking "Configure video" in OBS. Clicking the button on the lower right brings you back to the big GUI.


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6.3 now includes reliable toggling of Low light compensation - which btw. is different from backlight compensation. Value will be saved in profiles and loaded from there as well.



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Bugfix for the case that you choose webserver-autostart and at the next start port 8080 is in use by another app. Older version of CamooZ would not start in stat case.
I included 2 ideas by @PedjaS
  • Sliders will now react on mouse scroll (desktop version only)
  • Once a profile has been activated it will remain in the proifles combobox.
Thanks, @PedjaS
When running CamooZ with a command line parameter (e.g. -file:"c:\users\dauser\dadocuments\myprofile.ccs") auto-capable settings will now be set correctly
Minor bug fix to handle all loading correctly when loading a profile via command line
V6 is a major redesign. Married local and webserver into one new app with integrated web server - new Version 6 will combine controlling the camera locally using the app's sliders, and remotely on a browser on another machine. Interfaces are the same. Click on the "run webserver" button, see the URL change color to blue, click on it to start browser. Better handling of driver issues and AUTO-settings.




Command line is available
locally to load a previously saved profile
on the browser to set features in the url

c:\program files\camooz.exe -silent -file:"c:\users\dauser\dadocuments\myprofile.ccs"


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Version 1.4 will now reliably save and restore all camera values in / from profiles of your choosing / naming
CamooZWeb 1.3 now has save/restore functionality. You can create, save to, load from and delete profiles. One set of profiles wil be provided per camera.

Also it comes with command line functions to be added to the URL like this:

Complete help on commands is on the main page.