CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings

Semi-free CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings 7.4.2

This is something I had in mind for quite a while: a function that allows to sort the trackbars to your liking, so that e.g. white balance and brightness are first and the stuff you never touch goes down, (like zoom, backlight and sharpness in my case or the ones the camera doesn't support).

CamooZ will remember one sort preference per camera - and you can always switch between CamooZ default and your custom order.

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CamooZ now has complete Undo and Redo functionality. When making changes to the camera after a profile has been loaded, any changed setting will be highlighted and all values stored in a history per camera.
This history will prevail, even after choosing another camera and coming back. Undo and redo are available with buttons or Ctrl-Z or Ctrl-Shift-Z.

CamooZ will now also warn / ask when it's about to be closed with unsaved settings.

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Thanks to @PedjaS 's ideas I have made some modifications to enhance usability:
  • Classic mode now shows all settings on one small screen
  • Mousewheel scrolling on trackbars is now fully supported - if you press CTRL while scrolling you scroll with 20 x the speed (e.g. useful for whitebalance which has ~4000 positions)
  • Exposure value is now back to showing numeric value and the actual fractions of a second
  • All values (incl. Powerline frequency, low light compensation) are properly stored and retrieved
  • After loading a config, the save button will be disabled - and only be enabled when something has changed
  • When something is actually changed, the affected setting will show a red text rather than default color - to indicate which setting has changed. All will go back to the default color after saving
  • CamooZ now remembers what camera was used last, so when started, it shows the same camera selected it was left with
  • There is a new option called "Ignore virtual / unconfigurable cams" which will ban them from the list of cameras
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6.4a fixes an issue when automating with the -file parameter and not giving a fully qualified path, but only the file name (when it sits in the same folder as the exe).

c:\program files\camooz\camooz.exe -file:"C:\Users\dauser\Documents\CamooZ6\HD_Pro_Webcam_C920\prod01.ccs" worked in 6.4

c:\program files\camooz\camooz.exe -file:"prod01.ccs" caused the file not to be properly processed.

Starting with 6.4a when we get only a filename and no folder, we shall assume that it resides in the same dir as the executable

Thanks @LogiC930eUser !
Thanks to @PedjaS, who had the idea, version 6.4 comes with an additional and alternative much smaller GUI for those of you with limited monitor space ;-) It looks somewhat like the original DirectShow settings dialog as you may know from clicking "Configure video" in OBS. Clicking the button on the lower right brings you back to the big GUI.


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6.3 now includes reliable toggling of Low light compensation - which btw. is different from backlight compensation. Value will be saved in profiles and loaded from there as well.



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Bugfix for the case that you choose webserver-autostart and at the next start port 8080 is in use by another app. Older version of CamooZ would not start in stat case.
I included 2 ideas by @PedjaS
  • Sliders will now react on mouse scroll (desktop version only)
  • Once a profile has been activated it will remain in the proifles combobox.
Thanks, @PedjaS
When running CamooZ with a command line parameter (e.g. -file:"c:\users\dauser\dadocuments\myprofile.ccs") auto-capable settings will now be set correctly
Minor bug fix to handle all loading correctly when loading a profile via command line