CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings

Semi-free CamooZ - Save & restore camera settings 7.4.1 - Support for non-USB cams

Many thanks to @derWu for the suggestion.

CamooZWeb 7.2.1 now supports a URL command to switch camera profles - as follows (e.g.):


No changes made to CamooZ and the Streamdeck plugin.

Assign Global hotkeys to any camera profile. CamooZ will process key strokes (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-F12) even if it doesn't have the focus.


CamooZ 7.1.0 now comes with a plugin (V1.3) for the Elgato Streamdeck.

The plugin is aware of all existing CamooZ camera profiles. Now activating preset profiles with all your fine tuned camera settings is as easy as the press of a button on your streamdeck.

The plugin is included in the zip-file package for now - I'm confident it will make it into the Elgato store soon.

Fixes a registration time limit issue with CamooZweb

CamooZ - no changes
Any license key purchased for CamooZ 7 will also work with CamooZweb


Rarely CamooZ crashed at startup while enumerating all installed cameras.
Issues occured when CamooZ encountered fragments of orphaned drivers. I have seen the issue with a not properly de-installed splitcam as well as with the old OBS Virtual Cam plugin.

7.0.3 will handle the errors and continue, just marking the item as non-configurable. Thank you @JK14
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Major redesign - much lighter and faster - many performance improvements. The web server interface is discontinued and will be made available in a separate application soon.

Saving and loading camera settings in/from profiles is now only available with the full version. You can easly get a license key (for 4.99 USD) and turn the evaluation version into a full version.

UI changes
  • Selecting a profile in the lower left will immediately load the profile
  • Buttons now have hints
  • The new "tracking" function allows to change the slide bars behaviours - much better performance on less powerful machines or laggy drivers

Bug fixes
  • Some camera drivers report to support certain functions and then don't - this will no longer crash CamooZ
  • Using a CamooZ.ini copied from another computer with more cameras will no longer crash CamooZ at startup.

  • Change the labels of camera settings with a right click on the label
  • For settings you don't want to change by error, you can lock & unlock them with the new lock buttons (similar to OBS sources)

CammoZ 6.7 checks in its INI file which camera was used last. When there is no such ini file (because it's the 1st run) CamooZ 6.7 will crash.

Please update immediately
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This is something I had in mind for quite a while: a function that allows to sort the trackbars to your liking, so that e.g. white balance and brightness are first and the stuff you never touch goes down, (like zoom, backlight and sharpness in my case or the ones the camera doesn't support).

CamooZ will remember one sort preference per camera - and you can always switch between CamooZ default and your custom order.

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