Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance

Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance v1.1.13

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for helping me break my dependence on ChromaCam and their 30fps limit...

Grabbed a logitech brio and the logitech litra glow and the background removal works fantastic.

I will say that in low-light situations the background removal will struggle. But that is going to be the same for any virtual background... Do yourself a favor, grab a diffused light source and help your camera out... you'll be surprised at the difference it makes.

I live in an apartment in queens and a physical green screen is not an option. Thank you royshilkrot, and also, f*ck chromacam...
Unfortunately, it doesn't work at all for me. Just crashes OBS when I try to select it. I'm using Linux if that means anything. Disappointing.
Wonderful plugin ... when it works. But it crashes OBS my Mac (both the release version and the candidate) when used together with e.g. a window capture device.
There is no Segmentation model choice on macOS, at least not on macOS 10.15.7, so the better mask generation models are not available. Whatever model is being used is terrible and results in a very rapidly moving mask that is unusable because it is so ugly.
I'm loving the plugin, however, it is randomly causing OBS to crash. If I remove the plugin, I get no crashes. Put it back, and I'll get crashes. Sometimes often other times only occasionally. I'm running Monteray on an iMac (2015). It generates a crash report but I've no idea where to send it.
I can't open it in both of my Macs. After I download it, it downloads to a folder so when I ask to unzip in Terminal it can't locate the file. When I manually copy it to Applications/, the program doesn't recognize the file. It doesn't show up when click on the "+" sign to choose the program. I don't know why this isn't showing up. I ran it running Big Sur and Catalina
Love it! Works like a charm
The results were WAY to noisy for me, with the segmentation edges constantly fluctuation in a way that is distracting. It would be helpful if this was combined with a chroma key removal in a single filter, as it could apply a mix of settings to different parts of the image: strong chroma key on the background segment, more spill reduction in the foreground, etc. But as this plugin simply recolors the affected area, it ends up cutting off things that I don't want it to cut off and completely borking edges in a way that traditional chroma key handles more gracefully.
Roy, I think the software is fantastic. Providing multiple segmentation models is really cool. The Feather blend silhouette parameter is EPIC, but it continued to crash OBS on my system. The plugin would be perfect if you could figure out how to get that parameter not to cause a crash. The name "Background Removal" would be more accurate if you could apply the chroma key filter within your plugin. I realize this suggestion is easy to say and difficult to make a reality.
its not perfect, but does its job with good result. I use just for fun with friends :D
Please let me know how to make it better!