Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance

Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance v1.1.13

I use this everyday for my webcam video in my Microsoft Teams meetings. I combine this with a looping video of a nature scene behind me to definitively have the best background than my coworkers haha

Utilizing the GPU on my Windows PC means that this does not strain my PC while also using the resource hog, that is, Microsoft Teams.
Doesn't even work... and it goes into the effects filters when it should go into audio/video filters, and where is the colour key for it
Hi! I'm sorry the experience you got isn't perfect. We can help! For your usage issues please open an issue so we can track and discuss a solution
it doesn't work on MacOS Ventura 13.5.2, can you fix it please?
Hi! I'm sorry this is working out of the box - do you want to open an issue so we can investigate?
I installed the plugin, but it only adds the background removal to Effect Filters, but not Audio/Video Filters. I have a Windows 10. Am I missing something?
Thanks for trying our plugin!
Unfortunately Audio/Video filter is impossible in the particular case of our plugin, but the effect filter works beautifully. I hope that can be useful for you.
Awesome!! Love it!
There is no "background color" in the options, I can not change the background color, can a friend tell me what is the reason?
We removed the background color option to make the plugin simpler - now with transparency instead you can put whatever background you want from another source. We added a built-in "blur background" option, similar to what you have in other applications like Zoom, Teams or Meet.
No more Chroma is truly awsome. Next thing on my wish list is the CPU usage. I realize that would be difficult. Also, please review the links to point to 5.15 instead of the (Linux wise flawed) 5.14.
Adding the blur was awsome! Of course removing the background without a real chroma key is still insane! Great work!
I sponsored Roy Shilkrot today with a few $. Won't make a difference in his life, maybe keeps the Fish in his Aquarium happy for a few month. However, I appreciate the work and as such it should be valued. Unfortunately I am not able to do the same for everyone.
excelent plugin version
This plugin unfortunately doesn't support newer Macs ie: Mac Silicon M1
Looks pretty good and does an ok job.
However, my CPU usage skyrockets to 90% and my whole PC is throttling, which makes it impossible to stream video games.
This plugin would be awesome if this issue got fixed.
the plugin helped me for my videos and my calls is fine the excellent plugin
In the portable version, you cannot call plugins. Any solution?
Hi there. Works pretty well for me. Can confirm the CPU usage, but not a real issue imo.
However I'm struggling with one thing: Since it's a video filter, I can only apply it directly to the camera source. This means once I've applied it, it's applied to all the copies of the camera source too. Since I would like to use the camera in another scene, but without the background removal, I'm running into an issue here. Applying the filter to a group or a scene doesn't work, since that only allows for effect filters. Do you have any suggestion on how to bypass this? Thank you very much!
It works but there are some points that should be fixed.
1. On a low end machine with 6GB ramit destroys the stream, it is laggy
2. On my High end machine (i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GH with 16GB) the touchpad stops responding in OBS. I am running windows 11. When using a normal mouse it wil work
It works goot, but it's not usable. The CPU (Intel I9-9900K) rises from around 2% to around 40%. The rendering time rises from 0,7-1ms to arond 130ms and the FPS dropping from 60fps to around 7-8fps.
The result with this plug is fine, but with an fps drop from 60fps to around 7-8fps means, that it is not usable acually.
There might be room for improvement (e.g. CPU load). I used MS Teams Meeting to create green background and captured screen with Chroma Key filter. This workaround consumed more resources and the result was only slightly better.
=>it might not be perfect but it's almost on the level of the feature from Microsoft -> clearly Excellent:)
It works great. But it also uses 40% CPU. When switch to GPU it still uses 40% cpu. Turn it off and obs cpu usage goes to 3%.
not perfect..

1. I don't know how, but most Video meeting Software does it better (Developers here wont have a professional Budget and Team - I am just objective). "Xsplit Vcam" in the free model has better BG removal, but it is limited to 720p and has a very present watermark.

2. with activated BG Removal, my CPU monitor inside OBS raises from 9% to 63% with "calculate mask every" 1 Frame, or 54% with every second frame.

3. Also, my webcam seems to loose FPS if BG Removal is activated.

I use:
LG 920C Webcam with OBS 27.2.1 64-bit.