1. B

    Is it possible to have 'click thru' backgrounds?

    I want to do a presentation in front of a green screen, much like a television weather caster would do. With changeable backgrounds. I'm wondering if there is any way to do this directly through OBS, and if not, what if I set up a separate source that would feed the clickable images from...
  2. A

    Background slides wont advance..HELP!?!

    Hi, The American Space Museum has a webcast called Stay Curious that we do live every day at 4PM EST. We do space history, current space events, astronaut birthday's, and more. We usually have a couple dozen photos and graphics that we put up for each show behind the speaker(s). Everything...
  3. M

    Blur Background (Make it STOP!!)

    Hi there, I'm using OBS 29.0.2 (64 bit) on an M1 MacBook Pro running Monterey 12.6.3 I've gone through great lengths to be able to use my mirrorless Sony as a webcam here in OBS. There is what seems to be an automatic blur effect that is being added to my camera source. I didn't go through...
  4. S

    Partial background removal ?

    Hi, I want to perform background removal but only on a small portion of the screen I've installed Works great out of the box, it's turning my whole background into green screen However I would like this...
  5. H

    Daily / Weekly Wallpaper

    Is there any way of getting a daily/ weekly wallpaper for use as a background? I use Bing Wallpaper for my desktop background but I dont know how I'd go about capturing that. Ive looked at using a browser source but cant find any that satisfy my needs. (Preferably nature or a simple background...
  6. T

    Video Background

    I've looked through the wiki guide but can't find anything on this. Rather than having the wall behind me, is there a way to place a background image behind me?
  7. trancenebula

    a plug-in to use a website page as a canvas background

    hello, i know of a few cool websites that i’d like to have as the background for my streams. i don’t like to have my normal browser (firefox) open when i stream (for like a window capture) because my computer isn’t the best. i already am running different programs, like ableton, during the...
  8. royshilkrot

    Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance v1.1.13

    This plugin makes it easy to replace the background in portrait images and video to create a virtual green screen, as well as correct lighting in low-light conditions, just like Zoom or Google Meet. It uses a neural network to predict the mask of the portrait and remove the background pixels. It...
  9. A

    OBS not displaying game background

    hi everyone! so i have a weird situation that i can’t seem to find a solution for. obs is displaying my game (genshin impact) but not my game background. i can see the characters just fine. i tried troubleshooting obs and genshin both and tried messing with my settings in obs but nothing seems...
  10. S

    How to pause/unpause WHILE OBS is recording in the background

    Hi, I used to be able to do this before I reinstalled Windows 10 but I forgot how. Basically I'm making artwork in an art program and my OBS records the screen while in the background. But I want to be able to pause it while I have my painting software in the foreground, using the Hotkeys I have...
  11. I

    Question / Help OBS will run as process in background only

    Reinstalled OBS studio and restarted PC plenty of times. Unfortunately, the program will not become anything more than a background process. I've tried running %appdata%/obs-studio and it says Windows cannot find it; even though I can find it myself through the file path. I ran out of ideas...
  12. D

    Question / Help Can I Remove This Website's Background In Browser Source?

    I've been looking for a timer that could synchronize between multiple separate OBS setups on different PC's over the internet. After some searching I think the only website that can pull this off is: It does the job just fine, the only issue is I need to remove the...
  13. S

    Question / Help How can i make it so my viewers can hear background music louder than me? But other sounds remain normal

    hey, How can i make it so my viewers can hear background music louder than me? But other sounds remain normal (discord, game sounds) Whenever i play competitive games i need to hear game sounds but if i add background music i cant be focused on game. And when i turn it down then people complain...