Question / Help Can I Remove This Website's Background In Browser Source?

DJ Monopoli

New Member
I've been looking for a timer that could synchronize between multiple separate OBS setups on different PC's over the internet. After some searching I think the only website that can pull this off is:

It does the job just fine, the only issue is I need to remove the background and make it transparent (only displaying the timer) for it to look right in our OBS scenes and I can't seem to figure out how to that. I'm no expert on CSS at all, but I've tried a few things in Custom CSS that I found with a quick Google search and nothing seems to be working. I will say I tried chromes "inspect" feature and it appears the background is in a div but I could be totally wrong about this. Can the background on this site be removed with Custom CSS? Any ideas?



You want your Custom CSS to be:

body:before {
background: none;