1. doublem

    Set blur effect on window

    How could I create a blur effect in my code window?
  2. R

    OBS preview windows not drawing anything (trasparent)

    Earlier today I installed some plugins for OBS and switched form the snap version to my native package manager's version (cuz plugins no run in snap duh). Installation worked fine but all the preview windows appear to be transparent eg. not drawing. Here is an image what this looks like. Here is...
  3. X

    Transparency of webcam overlay

    Hi, I recently rendered a transparent PNG image for the webcam overlay, but when I import it into OBS it is not transparent and appears with a black background. Any ideas why?
  4. K

    Optimizing video and transparent video sources.

    I'm streaming with NVENC using a GTX 970 and i had ran into encoder issues with choppy output before when i did not optimize my video sources properly, so i wanted to make them as light and easy for the encoder as possible. I have some transparent videos in my scenes, some of them are webcam...
  5. U

    OBS Python OBS Studio mouse cursor skin 2.4.2

    Selected source will follow mouse pointer. It will update position of the source according to mouse movement. Usage: - Create source with desired cursor(e.g Image source or Media source). - In scripts select that source name. - Test it: press Start, press Stop, tweak refresh rate. Crop auto...
  6. S

    Question / Help Transparent video sources not working

    I am trying to make an Application which displays Information in a Window with transparent Background to use in OBS. I've tried JavaFX and WPF, but they both have the same problem of only detecting the Application when transparency is turned off or with Window capture (Which to my understanding...
  7. D

    Question / Help Can I Remove This Website's Background In Browser Source?

    I've been looking for a timer that could synchronize between multiple separate OBS setups on different PC's over the internet. After some searching I think the only website that can pull this off is: It does the job just fine, the only issue is I need to remove the...
  8. A

    Question / Help png alpha channel not working

    Hey, I made an overlay for a stream I mod for on twitch. My issue is that the alpha channel works fine on my obs: however on his obs the transparent sections are completely white. We are both running the same obs version. Are there any settings in obs that could be causing the alpha channel in...
  9. S

    Question / Help ChromaKey Opacity - Showing Opaque Black Instead of Transparent

    Hiya! I'm a bit new to OBS and I tried searching for a solution, but might not know all the terms or steps I need to achieve what I want. I have a greenscreen and a scene. I have applied the chromakey filter to the scene, and adjusted the settings. In the Filter window, everything appears...
  10. mr_dynasty

    Question / Help Chroma Key Stinger

    Im trying to use this as my stinger on OBS Studio but I dont know if I can or how to use a chroma key on it. Is that even possible to do? What would be the alternative for this?