Question / Help Transparent video sources not working


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I am trying to make an Application which displays Information in a Window with transparent Background to use in OBS.
I've tried JavaFX and WPF, but they both have the same problem of only detecting the Application when transparency is turned off or with Window capture (Which to my understanding does not support transparency). Is there any way to use transparent Backgrounds in either of these Graphical Frameworks with OBS? I've been using Color/Chroma keys instead, but the Colors in my application would get filtered out aswell, as they are not static and change rapdily.


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Try doing this:
  • Select source
  • Right click the window frame of selected Source on the canvas
  • Select "Filters" from the menu
  • Add a "Color Key" to "Effect Filters" (click '+' button at bottom of Effect Filters area)
  • Then decrease "Opacity" from Color Key properties


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They already said that they were using a color key, and that it wasn't acceptable.
Transparency can be baked into applications (and OBS can grab it) if done correctly by the developers.
This is a two-year-old thread... why necropost it?

To the OP (if you're still around), probably best to ask this in the Developer section of the forums, you'll likely get more technical help on the coding side for developing your application and implementing inherent transparency in a way OBS can accept it.