1. K

    AForge C# WPF

    When using AForge to get images from OBS virtual camera nothing append. The new frame methode is not even call. Is it even possible to use AForge with OBS virtual camera ?
  2. K

    problem retrieving data from OBS virtual camera in C# WPF app (AForge)

    Hello, i have a c# app where a get all the webcam from my pc, i can see my built in camera and OBS virtual using Aforge but when i try to put the output of OBS cam nothing display After some debug i found that the OBS virtual cam never call the new frame methode. Does anyone now how to retrive...
  3. ScruffR

    Support for transparent windows

    I have got a WPF Inking application that can be overlayed ontop of any other application - e.g. to sketch off or annotate the display the underlying application presents. However, when I try to use this application for a OBS Window Capture the application's screen is not captured at all, not...
  4. S

    Question / Help Transparent video sources not working

    I am trying to make an Application which displays Information in a Window with transparent Background to use in OBS. I've tried JavaFX and WPF, but they both have the same problem of only detecting the Application when transparency is turned off or with Window capture (Which to my understanding...