Optimizing video and transparent video sources.


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I'm streaming with NVENC using a GTX 970 and i had ran into encoder issues with choppy output before when i did not optimize my video sources properly, so i wanted to make them as light and easy for the encoder as possible.
I have some transparent videos in my scenes, some of them are webcam borders, some of them are backgrounds for overlays and i have a few questions about using video sources in OBS:
  1. What "normal", non-alpha, video format is the easiest to handle for OBS?
  2. What video format with transparency is the easiest to handle for OBS?
  3. What is easier for obs to handle, a transparent video or a flat non-alpha one being masked?
  4. What is easiest to handle for OBS, Media Source or VLC Source for video?
Currently i use a mix of gopro cineform mov with transparency and masked h264 for video sources i need to have alpha on, and h264 mp4 for regular video displayed using Media Sources and i have all of my media and browser sources deactivated when not showing.


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Chrome a keying out the transparent time at runtime seems much less resource intensive. Put in an opaque color for the transparent part and key it at runtime.