1. U

    Media Sources No Longer Abnormal but eventually Halt

    Previously I posted here with a similar issue that both occurred in SLOBS AND OBS on various machines. The problem at the moment, no longer occurs on my laptop. But this new problem happens here in both SLOBS and OBS. Particularly after the recent update, however rolling back either previous...
  2. frogstar42

    I asked ChatGPT to create a script for me. It was fun, but unsuccessful

    I wanted a simple script that found a folder on my desktop filled with videos. I wanted it to play each video one after another, and then check to see if new files had been added before it looped and started all over again. We played back and forth for an hour but it could not get past the...
  3. A

    Can't hear my medias after installing vb-cable

    Hi, in order to stream on streamyard I needed to have the same voice effect that I have when I record on OBS. To do that, I installed vb-cable and set it as an output and this works properly (here is the tutorial I followed ) Now the problem...
  4. D

    Free JASTG - Just Another Song Title Grabber

    For more information on JASTG, read the GitLab repository. This provides more in-depth detail about the program and even has fixes to common errors. It is recommended to view the repository on GitLab so you can download the latest release of JASTG. JASTG or Just Another Song Title Grabber is a...
  5. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Media Switch Scene 0.3

    This Script will change the active scene once the selected media file ended. Download and install the Audio Status Monitor lua script. Open up the Scripts dialog (Tools -> Scripts) Click the Plus '+' to add a new Script, select MediaSwitchScene.lua Configure the Script properties: Select the...
  6. Luuk Verhagen

    OBS Lua Media Countdown Timer 2.0.0

    This script makes from a text source a media countdown timer. Once any or the selected media starts playing in the live output, there will be a countdown in the selected text source. You can select the text source and the media source (one specific or all) in the script properties.
  7. C

    Using Media files

    Hi, I'm quite new with streaming, and am loving OBS, however I have got a bit stuck on something that I expect is quite simple. I have added a media source of a video MP4 file but when I play the scene there is a very long time lag before the speech. (about 20 seconds) How do I synchronise the...
  8. P

    Media Sources in OBS Desynced (Too Early)

    Hello, we are having a problem and can't fix it. On our stream we have everything synced fine, Webcam/audio/game, but when we trigger our media sources they show up before we've pushed the button in the video/audio webcam capture. We've tried delaying the sources in obs to match our capture...
  9. Digitalman42

    Media playback shows last video frame when restarted - need first frame to prevent flashing

    I have a short video I want to play when triggered by my Stream Deck, have it stay on screen, then removed, and then when displayed again, restart the video. Here are the settings for the media file: The problem comes after I hide the video and then re-display the video. Upon re-display...
  10. K

    Optimizing video and transparent video sources.

    I'm streaming with NVENC using a GTX 970 and i had ran into encoder issues with choppy output before when i did not optimize my video sources properly, so i wanted to make them as light and easy for the encoder as possible. I have some transparent videos in my scenes, some of them are webcam...
  11. BoScotty

    Question / Help VLC Media Source Audio to fade out when changing scenes?

    Like many OBS users here, I use VLC media source to have music playing in the background. But have a few scenes where I don't have music playing, so when I switch to these scenes, the music abruptly stops. I'm wondering if there's a way I can have the Vlc media source audio smoothly transition...
  12. sozdatel_pidoras

    Media and Stinger Caching

    I think we need this feature in OBS Studio. (yeah i know slobs already have this feature but slobs sucks tbh)