Media playback shows last video frame when restarted - need first frame to prevent flashing


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I have a short video I want to play when triggered by my Stream Deck, have it stay on screen, then removed, and then when displayed again, restart the video. Here are the settings for the media file:

2020-08-09 14_49_35-Properties for 'activate-media.png

The problem comes after I hide the video and then re-display the video. Upon re-display, OBS shows the last image from the video before starting playback. This causes a flash of the green saber light which overlays a nearly invisible grayish image of the saber light (to maintain the border appearance). The beginning of the video also has this grayish image as a starting point for the playback.

It would be better if OBS would not display the video until playback of the media begins so that it eliminates the flash. It would instead show the first frame of the video instead of the last frame from the video.

So in a nutshell, when starting playback of a video display the first frame of the video and not the last frame.

In more detail:
Read first frame of video.
Draw first frame of video.
Display (un-hide) media.
Start playback of video.
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