Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance

Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance v1.0.0

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 64-bit
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Supported Platforms
  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS X
  3. Linux
This plugin makes it easy to replace the background in portrait images and video to create a virtual green screen, as well as correct lighting in low-light conditions, just like Zoom or Google Meet. It uses a neural network to predict the mask of the portrait and remove the background pixels. It doesn't require a GPU and works in all OSs!
It has built-in background blur, transparent background, and easily composable with other OBS plugins to replace the background with an image, browser or video.


Code Walkthrough (YouTube)
This video walks through the code of the plugin and how it works internally.

Built-in Background Blur
Use the built-in background blurring function to create a blur effect instead of a transparent background.
Screen Recording 2023-03-12 at 11.50.40 AM.gif

Enhance Low-Light Filter
In low-light conditions you can use the Enhance filter to light up the scene. Control the strength of the filter by adjusting the slider.
Screen Recording 2023-05-08 at 11.01.45 PM.gif

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Latest reviews

Awesome!! Love it!
There is no "background color" in the options, I can not change the background color, can a friend tell me what is the reason?
We removed the background color option to make the plugin simpler - now with transparency instead you can put whatever background you want from another source. We added a built-in "blur background" option, similar to what you have in other applications like Zoom, Teams or Meet.
No more Chroma is truly awsome. Next thing on my wish list is the CPU usage. I realize that would be difficult. Also, please review the links to point to 5.15 instead of the (Linux wise flawed) 5.14.
Adding the blur was awsome! Of course removing the background without a real chroma key is still insane! Great work!
I sponsored Roy Shilkrot today with a few $. Won't make a difference in his life, maybe keeps the Fish in his Aquarium happy for a few month. However, I appreciate the work and as such it should be valued. Unfortunately I am not able to do the same for everyone.
excelent plugin version
This plugin unfortunately doesn't support newer Macs ie: Mac Silicon M1
Looks pretty good and does an ok job.
However, my CPU usage skyrockets to 90% and my whole PC is throttling, which makes it impossible to stream video games.
This plugin would be awesome if this issue got fixed.
the plugin helped me for my videos and my calls is fine the excellent plugin
In the portable version, you cannot call plugins. Any solution?