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My apologies if this is covered somewhere I have tried looking everywhere. Is it possible for me to copy and paste text from the Browser Dock sources or not? I try to, and I cannot copy and paste when interacting with this plugin, but I can with OBS custom browser docks. But OBS's Custom Browser docks don't allow for audio control. I am trying to find a way to have audio control and be able to interact + copy and paste text back and forth.
Does anyone know what I am missing here? I love the plugin btw.
This is really cool however it still crashes on closing of OBS. Here's my crash log and I hope this gets fixed soon. This is on the OBS 28 update too.


  • Crash 2022-09-07 01-47-56.txt
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There is no rush as I get you might be busy with other plugins and stuff, I just thought I'd let you know about this crashing bug I've been having. BTW I must say, your plugins are amazing!


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I found the latest version to be unstable for me so I downgraded to Source Dock v0.2.4 which is the most stable version.

Encontré que la última versión era inestable para mí, así que cambié a Source Dock v0.2.4, que es la versión más estable.
how did you downgrade? I can not find the link to older versions.


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@Exeldro thank you! Another quick question, is there documentation on what these are for at the bottom of Source Dock?



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@autoharplive the first one changes if the top left corner of the obs window count as left side or as top side for docks, this for all 4 corners.
This allows you to have docks take up the full left side of the window for example.


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I'm not able to dock my sources for my Text sources after getting it started. I get the box for the text source and I can use it and edit it, but I'm not able to make it attach to my OBS, so it always is hidden whenever I click off of it into OBS. Is there a way to fix this?
I am running into the same issue after upgrading to OBS 28 and 0.3.3


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Thank you for your great plug ins and tools - I am really using most of them! (That's why my OBS needs it's time to start.)

I've got tons of scenes and sources and many docks and it's hard to find the one I'm looking for.
So is there a way to sort the source dock entries alphabetically?
Or wouldn't it be a good idea to add this functionality?

It also might be a good idea if the source dock window where you establish the docks remembered it size when you close it!


I'm a C#/.net developer and I've got a standalone app I'd love to incorporate into a dock in OBS for an integrated control. I see custom docks only seem to allow local or web html... does anyone know a way to dock a stand-alone executable in OBS?


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Just updated to OBS 28.0 today including Source Dock 0.3.4 but getting an OBS crash with this dump
Unhandled exception: c0000005
Date/Time: 2022-12-26, 17:02:39
Fault address: 7FF996D57200 (c:\program files\obs-studio\obs-plugins\64bit\source-dock.dll)
libobs version: 28.1.2 (64-bit)
Windows version: 10.0 build 22000 (release: 2009; revision: 1335; 64-bit)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor             

Thread 1AA0: (Crashed)
Stack            EIP              Arg0             Arg1             Arg2             Arg3             Address
00000090B08FDD50 00007FF996D57200 000000000000000B 000001D1E4995ED0 000001D1F0B9EFA0 000001D1F0B9EFA0 source-dock.dll!frontend_event+0x290
00000090B08FDDF0 00007FF78691D9D0 000000000000012C 000001D180C28E00 00000090B08FDF20 0000000000000001 obs64.exe!OBSStudioAPI::on_event+0x70
00000090B08FDE20 00007FF78699EE9B 00007FF786B69320 00000090B08FE150 000001D1F02CC860 00007FF786B69320 obs64.exe!OBSBasic::LoadData+0xe6b
00000090B08FE050 00007FF7869A33FF 000001D1E25EC120 000001D1E25EC120 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 00000090B08FF5C0 obs64.exe!OBSBasic::OBSInit+0x9ef
00000090B08FF020 00007FF78690E0F4 000001D1E2573099 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF 00007FF786B54780 000001D1E251F9E0 obs64.exe!OBSApp::OBSInit+0x384
00000090B08FF380 00007FF786916417 0000000000000000 000001D1E254C330 000001D100000000 0000000000000001 obs64.exe!run_program+0xa67
00000090B08FF6E0 00007FF786918CF0 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 obs64.exe!main+0x700
00000090B08FF8B0 00007FF786B25637 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 obs64.exe!WinMain+0x157
00000090B08FF940 00007FF786B24DC2 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 obs64.exe!__scrt_common_main_seh+0x106
00000090B08FF980 00007FF9EBE055A0 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 kernel32.dll!0x7ff9ebe055a0
00000090B08FF9B0 00007FF9ECB8485B 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 ntdll.dll!0x7ff9ecb8485b


  • Crash 2022-12-26 17-02-39.txt
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So - reinstalled the plugin and fixed up a few other things.
Went to add all the docks I used in previous setup which was 7 screens + source selected.
Everything went fine until I altered the geometry to resize one of the screens when it crashed again (see attachment).
On restarting OBS, all my docks had disappeared.


  • Crash 2022-12-26 17-17-38.txt
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Hello @Exeldro
Can you make it so you are able to group many text labels in 1 Dock? That would be really awesome for complicated setups. This way you can edit many labels in 1 place. Having them on multiple docks wastes space.
Thanks for you work.