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Excellent plugin when viewing videos and other sources.
I am currently using Pop_OS 22.04 Jammy and have OBS version 29.0.2 installed.
Cannot get anything to dock. When clicking in the UI the docks disappear / minimize.
Have two instances of docks open. One that seems to communicate with the OBS Dock drop down list, and the other is the dock window itself.
Tried previous versions of OBS to no avail. Any assistance / suggestions would be appreciated.
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I am using the System76 Thelio Mira with Pop_OS 22.04 installed. The path for the source-dock is correct. Source-dock is working, yet the plugin is not performing properly.


Can you please make it so Scene Items in the dock are shown top to bottom, just like the normal Sources dock/panel? Currently, the scene items are shown reversed, bottom scene items are at the top. Also, please show group sub items as well.

Also, the scene/source selection for the dock shows scenes/sources in a very confusing way, probably sorted by scene creation. Would be nicer if it reflects how scenes are shown in the Scenes panel. Same goes for sources.

Finally, there's a bug with the scene items dock. If i add a new source to the selected scene, the scene items in the dock just disappear and requires to recreate the dock, or restart obs and re-enable scene items for that dock.

There are also quite some memory leaks.


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Jacopo Belluz

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IF OBS (29.0.2 on WIN10 and 11) crashes on "exit" with this plugin:
- try deleting the 32bit version and leave only the 64bit one.

My crash in attached file, but it seams everything's fine in the "Installer" version.
I will have a look in the "Portable Mode" one.

It crashes on exit, but randomly: WIN11 and OBS 64bit 29.0.2.
Uninstalling it everything is fine.
Crash log in the attachement.


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It crashes at exiting OBS for me too.
The second log is after I deleted the 32 bits files (no improvement whatsoever).


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This version crashes OBS on startup every time. I have three different docks for three VLC sources. I will upload crash log when I get to the office. OBS 29.0.2 Was fully functioning with Source Dock 0.3.3. Upgrading to 0.3.5 causes a crash 90% of the time when I launch OBS.
Here are the crash logs. Each of these crashes happened as soon as OBS launched.


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@vishy.wfg the first 2 crash reports are in the VolumeMeter of source Dock. I will try and replicate those.
The last crash report is in closing of a ndi source.


AS it stands, I use this to control which of my capture devices is being displayed at any given time. However, I've been attempting to move these all from a singular nested scene setup to a setup where it's within a group, so I can more easily arrange them depending on the scene they're used in.

This brings me to my current issue. The "scene items" option works GREAT for seeing items within a scene... but when it's set to a GROUP, "scene items" shows blank. Is there any way to update the plugin so that if the selected object is a group, it will show all objects within that group on the "scene items" option?


Also, I just recently noticed that using this with "preview" on a collection of sources with a display capture, specifically capture cards, makes the CPU usage jump like crazy. On my Ryzen 5 3600 machine, doing this makes the CPU usage jump from ~50 to ~70 when using an Elgato HD 60 S.

Is there a reason the CPU usage jumps much more heavily than just pulling in a normal source would? Would it be possible to add an option for a non-live preview just for the sake of saving some resources?

For most sources it could just display a screenshot if enabled. I assume with video capture devices of any kind you'd need to grab it from the live feed itself, but at least it would be just a brief moment of increased CPU usage as opposed to bogging potentially weaker systems down permanently.


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Hi I run my churches livestream and was trying to add this plugin to our obs but when i did it wont show up in the menu. Is there a way to fix this or something i forgot to do?