Source Dock

Source Dock 0.3.9

Help: Can this tool be set not to display milliseconds, but only hours, minutes and seconds? For me, milliseconds are not needed. It is a bit annoying.
Great plugin! I use it to have a multiview directly on OBS's main window.
As always: ExEldro rules!

- Quite perfect plugin, but makes OBS (29.0.2 on WIN10 and 11) crash on "exit".
- If the "Source" is a "Group", it doesn't list group members as when the source is a "Scene".

When you use "Downstream Keyer", you load in its panel(s) 1 or more Scenes and you can toggle between them, but if a "Scene" has multiple "Sources" you cannot see and/or toggle them individually.

So you install "Source Toggler" (fantastic Lua script!).
But now you need to keep always open a window in which the "Sources" to toggle are presented without clicking always back to the "Scene" the contains them all.

Here it comes this plugin: "Source Dock".
Now you can show that window always open as a Dock member!
- if the its "Source" is a "Scene" = perfect!
- if the its "Source" is a "Group" = void window!

To circumvent the limitation to not have the list with the "eye" and "gear" icons, you need to select in "Source Dock" a "Scene" with "nested scenes" and let "Source Toggler" script to do its job in those "nested scenes". In fact "Source Toggler" works in both "Scenes Sources" and "Group Sources".

--- A MUST HAVE ---
"Source Dock" + "Downstream Keyer" + "Source Toggler".
In one solution: a "Master Overlayer" (??).

The 3 together are a "must have" as standard OBS distribution, obviously in my opinion. You would have more than the 4 overlays available in vMx with a granular show/hide toggler.

ExEldro rules!
Continues to crash with version 0.3.4 when closing OBS. This was supposed to be fixed to versions ago, but was not. Have now decided to uninstall it because it's not worth the headache. Let me know if you fix that bug, because this should be quite useful.
Flexible and useful
more or less the plugin is giving me errors but it's ok I'm not going to scold you
amazing plugin Exeldro
Makes it super-easy to interact with multiple browser sources and control media sources while keeping an eye on them, without having to open Interact mode for each of them, or click on them in the Sources list.
It's so amazing. but make my obs crash when I close the aplication
It seems what I need. However even just installing the source dock makes my OBS (27.2.4) very unstable and crash. I have reinstalled both OBS and Source Dock, but it makes no difference.
Can you provide me a crash log file to investigate?
The 0.3.1 update is strong, however in the 0.3.2 update (which is what I have), I cannot edit text inputs if the text is either locked or inside a group. Can the next update allow access to editing a text source if it is grouped or locked?
I love this, and use it for replay input, have it on a separate scene and dock it via this plugin. OBS should be proud
Wait, What? Another update???
You, my friend, are amazing! How can I buy you a cup of coffee or a beer?
If I can ask one thing: I use Source Dock for 4 sources, pinned at the top of my screen. But each time OBS restart I have to resize the different docks because it doesn't seem to remember the width of each dock.
So if possible: save the width of the different docks when it gets changed.
For support you can use or or
I am looking into saving and restoring dock layouts for OBS docks as some sort of profile.
One of (not very many IMHO) limitations of OBS is how custom docks work. This plugin comes along and works exactly as advertised, thus opening a whole new realm of possibilities with OBS. It allowed me to ditch having several browser windows open alongside OBS and have everything I need organized just the way I like it in one window!

A Must use for any streamer, especially if intermediate to power user level with OBS.
Another fantastic feature recognised and provided for by an incredible Software developer
Always amazing :D
excellent tool, I'm just having an issue...
after some seconds on the window my scroll wheel stops working on some spaces, for example on Youtube I'm able to scroll the left-side menu but can't scroll on video section, idk why
anyone knows what can be going wrong here?
Yea, this is a crazy good feature, I use OBS to control PTZ cameras, this lets me set a proper video preview above each of the 4 ptz controls in OBS. Really solved a situation where mutliview just wasn't working out. Thank you for this. Would be great to be able to lock the UI windows on this to prevent accidental click/move and the window become undocked.
After posting some potential changes Exeldro came through with them and more!! Amazing plugin for creating the perfect Multiview.