Question / Help Cannot stream anymore without getting lag HELP!


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So one month ago I reset my computer to get it a fresh start. I started streaming too and everything was going fine and no issues with streaming. When I reset my PC I downloaded OBS and everything I needed like drivers. So I tried to stream but now all I get on my stream is stutters and lag. I get 20-40 fps on obs and it just looks like crap. When I alt tab my fps on obs goes to smooth 60fps but as soon as I go into the game the fps drops down. I need help to fix my stream plz. This is my speed test for my internet My specs are a ryzen 3 1200 with a radeon r9 270x toxic oc 4gb edition and 8gb of ddr4 ram. Can someone plz help me to start streaming again. Here are my setting for obs also. , ,