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I asked Aunt Google and Uncle Youtube, but they couldn't help me. The same is true for various forums.

I have in OBS the problem that I can first record quite normally. Desktop works without problems, game recording works without problems, window recording and so on. BUT:
If I start an application in full screen then I can't record my desktop, other windows or any other recording, all I can record is the full screen application started at the time if I have specified the full screen application as source for the recording in the source, but if I tab out of the application then I can't record it anymore.

The result is a black image and I am forced to restart OBS. In running recordings and streams this is incredibly corrosive, for the stream it is usually a death sentence.

This problem exists since I installed a new motherboard and Windows 10 7 months ago. A few days ago I reinstalled new hardware, including the motherboard and CPU, including the graphics card, but the problem persisted with Windows 10. It is out of the question for me to delete the registry completely and create a new one (i.e. to reinstall Windows 10 completely after a complete formatting), for that I simply have too much data and settings that would have to be sent back and forth until I'm done with it 4 days have passed and I have neither time nor desire for it, especially since I don't have a 2nd device available to work on it if the computer is not ready for operation.

What I tried already everything, everything however without success:
- Complete deinstallation with the following new installation (also the saved scenes were deleted completely), this also includes the cleaning of the registry in automatic and manual way
- Changing codecs (NVENC H. 264 and x264 are available from me)
- Changing the color format
- Starting OBS 64 bit and 32 bit to detect differences
- OBS is started with administrator rights
- Compatibility changed from OBS to Windows 7 with administrator rights
- Creation of new scenes and sources

I will add a video here as an attachment so you can see what it looks like. I really can't help myself any more and therefore I write a thread in the forum myself and hope that someone can help me with it.

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Guten Tag

Ich hab Tante Google gefragt und Onkel Youtube, aber beide konnten mir nicht helfen. Gleiches gilt leider auch für diverse Foren.

Ich habe in OBS das Problem das ich zuerst ganz normal aufnehmen kann. Desktop funktioniert ohne Probleme, Spieleaufnahme geht ohne Probleme, Fensteraufnahme und so weiter. ABER:
Wenn ich eine Anwendung in Vollbild starte dann kann ich weder mein Desktop, noch andere Fenster oder sonstiges Aufnehmen, alles was ich aufnehmen kann ist die zum Zeitpunkt gestartete Vollbildanwendung wenn ich in der Quelle die Vollbildanwendung als Quelle zu der Aufnahme angegeben habe, aber wenn ich aus der Anwendung tabbe dann kann ich diese auch nicht mehr aufnehmen.

Die Folge ist ein schwarzes Bild und ich bin gezwungen OBS neu zu starten. In laufenden Aufnahmen und Streams ist das unglaublich ätzend, für den Stream ist es in der Regel ein Todesurteil.

Dieses Problem besteht seitdem ich vor 7 Monaten ein neues Mainboard einbaute und Windows 10 installierte. Vor einigen Tagen habe ich erneut neue Hardware eingebaut, darunter auch das Mainboard und die CPU, auch Grafikkarte, blieb bei Windows 10 aber das Problem besteht weiterhin. Es kommt bei mir nicht in Frage die Registrierung komplett zu löschen und eine neue zu erstellen (Also Windows 10 nach einer vollständigen Formatierung komplett neu aufzuspielen), dafür habe ich einfach zu viele Daten und Einstellungen die hin und her geschickt werden müssten, bis ich damit fertig bin sind 4 Tage vergangen und dafür habe ich weder zeit noch Lust, zumal ich kein 2tes Gerät zur Verfügung stehen habe um daran zu arbeiten wenn der Computer nicht für den Betrieb bereit ist.

Was ich schon alles versuchte, alles aber ohne Erfolg:
- Komplette Deinstallation mit folgender Neuinstallation (Auch die gespeicherte Szenen wurden komplett gelöscht), dies beinhaltet auch die Reinigung der Registrierung nach automatischer und manueller Art
- Das wechseln von Codecs (NVENC H. 264 und x264 sind bei mir verfügbar)
- Änderung des Farbformates
- Das Starten von OBS 64 Bit und 32 Bit um Unterschiede festzustellen
- OBS wird mit Administratorrechten gestartet
- Kompatibilität von OBS zu Windows 7 gewechselt mit Administratorrechten
- Erstellung von neuen Szenen und Quellen

Ich werde hier noch ein Video als Anhang einfügen damit ihr sehen könnte wie es aussieht. Ich kann mir da wirklich nicht mehr helfen und schreibe deswegen selbst mal im Forum ein Thread und hoffe das mir dabei jemand helfen kann.


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You are fighting against some basic fullscreen capture and Windows fullscreen mechanics and issues. I cannot tell in detail what you you have to change in your sources, but I will explain what will work and what things you must not do. (must not = "darf nicht" in german)
  • you must not have multiple sources capturing the same monitor fullscreen. For example, you must not have multiple display capture sources for the same monitor. You also must not have a display capture source and a game capture source that is configured to capture the game fullscreen. Multiple fullscreen game or display captures that result in capturing the same monitor stomp on each other and only one of these randomly get the images, while the others stay black.

    I see you have many game captures. If any two of them them are configured as "capture any fullscreen application", they all stomp on each other, as well as with any display capture sources for the main monitor. Explicitly configure the game *.exe to avoid the source looking for a capture when the game isn't started. The option "capture specific window" where you select the *.exe will still grab the game when it goes fullscreen. Or the other way round: remove every game capture and keep one universal capture with the option "capture any fullscreen application" that simply works for every game as soon as it goes fullscreen.

    Organize yourself so that you disable any sources you don't currently intend to use, especially every inactive game capture source. In addition, I see that you have multiple display capture sources ("Bildschirmaufnahme", "Bildschirmaufnahme 4"). These must not point to the same monitor. Remove them. Own display captures for multiple monitors are ok, but only 1 for each monitor.

    If you need the captures in multiple scenes, add additional sources with the "add existing" option instead of "add new". With "add existing", you create references to the original capture, not new captures.

  • In your video, you seem to start a second OBS and it sounds you got the Windows administrator elevation prompt. This elevation screen cannot be captured, never. It's a Windows limitation. However, if you clicked that screen away and resume your normal desktop, you might encountered the case with the many fullscreen captures that stomp on each other.
  • Proposal: you seem to have a somewhat convoluted scene and source setup. Start a completely new setup (create a new scene collection) and build it by add sources and scenes one by one and see what works and what will break things.
  • Don't generally start OBS as administrator. Only few specific games need OBS as administrator to enable it to capture. If starting OBS as administrator doesn't solve an issue you might have, stop starting OBS as administrator.
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I'm going to keep a link to this post for when people ask me why it's bad to have multiple game captures and/or display captures.


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Hey I'm back. I'm sorry if it took to this answer.
Although it is true that I have several game recordings in a scene, but only one is activated and only one scene can be active, moreover I did not have the problem with Windows 7. At the beginning of the year 2019 I had set up a new system and so did Windows 10, since then the problem exists. Meanwhile, I have a new motherboard again because I changed the hardware again, but the problem persisted, which is why I had opened this thread also.
If any application is started in full screen, including counting the administrator privilege for a program, the monitor will no longer be recognized by Open broad caster and will not be able to be captured any longer. EXCEPT: I restart OBS, which is for a stream This is absolutely deadly and just frustrating.
Of course, I have already created new scenes long ago, and did not bring anything.
Opening OBS with and without administrator rights makes no difference.
I also had long ago tried to delete all scenes and sources in OBS and really only ONE scene with 1-2 sources to use, there was only game recording and window recording, so full screen and window mode. Brought nothing but 4 hours of wasted time, so ... so the problem is (in my opinion) either the drivers (still using GeForce Experience), the operating system registry, or no idea, maybe you can help me with that , I have little idea of the matter and I do not know exactly how Open Broad Caster proceeds with the recording.