1. Klonter77

    Question / Help Black image after full-frame recording

    Hello I asked Aunt Google and Uncle Youtube, but they couldn't help me. The same is true for various forums. I have in OBS the problem that I can first record quite normally. Desktop works without problems, game recording works without problems, window recording and so on. BUT: If I start an...
  2. dasfrodo

    Question / Help NDI Source black on receiving OBS

    Hello people, I've just revived my old Laptop, installed Windows 10, an SSD etc. Basically I got it up to speed and thought: Hey, I could use this as a dedicated encoding device to relieve my gaming PC. Now, almost everything is working as it should. My PC is sending the correct output via...
  3. M

    Question / Help How to decide discors and game sound channels?

    I want to remove discord sounds from my record.So how can i do it?
  4. F

    Question / Help Cant stream Zbrush

    Hi, hope u are well Im trying to stream Zbrush but OBS seems to not recognise it, if i set "Widows capture" the software doesnt show on the list (buth other osftware, like photoshop do actually show and work fine). The only place where It detects the software is on "Game capture -> Show...
  5. M

    Question / Help Problemas con ets2, caida de fps. // Problems with ets2, fall of fps.

    ------ En Español ----- Mi problema es el siguiente: Cuando intento hacer streaming del ets2, la emision cae a los 20 fps, cuando yo estoy jugando a una media de 70 u 80. El problema no es internet, ya que con el obs abierto, sin grabar ni emitir, con este juego no pasa de los 40 fps, y en el...
  6. SimBaa

    Question / Help Input lag inside games while streaming

    I get high input latency inside games when I stream them using the software encoder but no lag when using hardware encoder, I'm limited to 2200 bitrate so I need to use the software encoder for decent quality at that bitrate since I'm streaming at 720p30 (I cant go lower than that or the quality...
  7. G

    Question / Help Only software rendering with a GT 1030

    I used to use OBS with no problem, and then I upgraded my Quadro 600 to a GT 1030. I recently got OBS again after a period of not using it. I noticed very bad studdering, and High CPU usage. I checked my renderer, and it's software, which is the only option. I also tried using Bandicam, and...
  8. Y

    Question / Help I can't find the 'Text (GDI+)'!

    I was recently experimenting with StreamLabels and I need to use 'Text (GDI+)' to do it. I checked my sources and I don't see it. I am running OBS 20.1.0 for Mac.