1. T

    KB/S drops to 0 when I open a game

    Log: This log is when I started the stream and immediately opened "Paint The Town Red". The bitrate tanked and I ended the stream. Less than 5 minute stream. The stream: Bitrate: 2000 540p 60fps GPU: 1650 Super Encoder: NVENC The stream is fine...
  2. S

    obs studio error failed to initialize video your gpu may not be supported.

    Hi, My OBS studio was working fine for a week and nowadays it throwing the error as failed to initialize video. I have deleted the AppData folder content but no luck. Any idea how to fix this? Windows 10 PC. Regards
  3. W

    Bug Report OBS Keeps closing as soon as I open application.

    I deleted it, redownloaded it, everything! Still crashes as soon as I open it every time.
  4. L

    Question / Help OBS Crashes (tried reinstalling - still nothing)

    Crash log attached and short version below I had OBS last open 3 weeks ago and started adding new audio & camera devices. Then I went to open the next day and it crashed and hasn't opened since...wiping and reinstalling hasn't helped, clearing space on my MAC hasn't helped. Any thoughts...
  5. isax

    Question / Help OBS doesn't open in Linux Mint

    Hello I am using Linux Mint 19.3, OBS was working just fine for a few days, I used it to stream on twitch, I installed it using the official page tutorial for Ubuntu installation. So one day the OBS windows freezed and it just closed itself. Since then I can't open OBS again, when I try to do so...
  6. Klonter77

    Question / Help Black image after full-frame recording

    Hello I asked Aunt Google and Uncle Youtube, but they couldn't help me. The same is true for various forums. I have in OBS the problem that I can first record quite normally. Desktop works without problems, game recording works without problems, window recording and so on. BUT: If I start an...
  7. K

    Question / Help OBS Update won't open

    I'd been using OBS for months with no issues, including within the last week or two, then Saturday i finally did the update it kept asking for, and now, it crashes anytime I open it. It'll sort of open, like the window pops up as if it's opening, but then it'll close immedietly before it even...